7 Dorm-Friendly Microwave Meals + Microwave Cleaning Hack

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34 Responses

  1. I'm addicted to Hormel Chili with the pull tabs and almost convinced it is the perfect food source

  2. I tried the Mac and cheese, but I'm don't actually live in a dorm because I'm 12 years old. By the way the Mac and cheese worked 🙌😹

  3. MC CURRY says:

    Made the mac and cheese one and had to buy a new microwave. Tasted like shit. No cheese flavour

  4. I'M IN TEARSSS!! I'm laughing so hard on the spaghetti squash coments 😂😂😂

  5. Zu Ab says:

    Someone else gotta be doin the dishes am the chef now

  6. Zu Ab says:

    Who’s watching this in a dorm hungry as f* but has uncooked food all around him

  7. Huh. They assume dorm people keep meat (which has a tendency to spoil quickly) around

  8. Me:hmm look there's a squash lying around let's use it!!
    Jk who will have squashes lying around their dorm???

  9. Ava Wilson says:

    i tried the mac n cheese it didnt work lmao

  10. you really loves cheese dont you?

  11. That feeling when you find this video on Tasty Japan and just realized that it'd also have to be on this channel as well.

  12. it would be faster, cheaper, and more space efficient just to buy premade meals and heat them up

  13. Oh My Gamers says:

    Omg I love that Mac and cheese I’m eating it right now!! Who new that a 20 minutes process could turn into a 5 minute one!!

  14. Ahh, now I know what to do with the squash just sitting there in my dorm.

  15. My Mac n cheese always taste like crap

  16. amal zuhair says:

    My dorm had one communal kitchen on each floor and my friends would say we’re lucky as not all universities have them and I always wondered why not?

  17. Juliane Nguy says:

    I mean, the squash I can buy… But why would I have a knife big enough to cut it…?

  18. james morson says:

    baked pot reminder for tomorrow….*1:37*

  19. Clare Hill says:

    I mean how big is the mug?

  20. 1:59 – is that a leopard print potato?

  21. Bella Quinto says:

    all this food looks so delicious… and then there's me i can't even make toast

  22. lushblush says:

    one thing with the mac and cheese you have to watch it otherwise it will flow out of the mug

  23. Uo stoapit poeple collaghe doent heve tihs idoitoc mehtoed og dei

  24. Star Cherry says:

    LOL 900 watt microwave 😹 the struggle is real out there!

  25. I just tried the first one… had to clean the microwave -.-

  26. this is more like cooking class more than a dorm kinda thing….

  27. When do you ever have the time to eat in college

  28. Me: I’ve run out of instant noodles…

  29. Emerald Owl says:

    rules of my dorm do not allow having a microwave in the room :

  30. Michal Zajac says:

    So i tried the mac n cheese recipe (used same timings and doses)
    Cooked maccaroni in water for 2min. 30 sec. And they were little uncooked added splash of milk and cheese cooked for another minute,the result wasnt so bad,but i would reccomend cooking maccaroni for longer time

  31. JoshIsMyFren says:

    That one macaroni that fell out when he mixed it made me want to die

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