Baby Shower Elephant Inspired Cake- Rosie’s Dessert Spot

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39 Responses

  1. erin mefford says:

    I just subbed I am one of epic confections subscribers I can’t wait for your collab with him next week

  2. Ruby Adil says:

    Sooo cute just like you

  3. Hamideh Orra says:

    I love how prepared you are when making your videos. You waste no time and your very thorough. Thank you for sharing. Love your work!


  5. When you roll it out so thin, how do you avoid splits?

  6. Beautiful cake hun. Love the cute elephant 👌👌😚😚

  7. Calilily R. says:

    Amazing! Beautiful cake!

  8. I am so friken proud of you!!! 💜💜💜💜

  9. Wow your cake is really amazing thank you for sharing 🐘🐘😀👍😀👍

  10. This cake is soooo cute!! Just adorable 🙂

  11. decorated cakes can be kept in freezer?

  12. raymen soin says:

    soo adorable👍👍
    pls teach geode toppers easy way

  13. Hi. Can you tell me how you avoid condensation or humidity in the fondant after refrigerate all night. Thank you and regards from Colombia 🇨🇴

  14. Jamie says:

    it's is so beautiful. it was the cake I wanted for my baby shower

  15. Kim Sheares says:

    What brand of fondant do you use?

  16. Una preciosidad!!! Me encanta como trabajas la lástima es que no te entienda pues no hablo tu idioma pero aún así espero con gran ilusión todas las semanas tus vídeos en los que aprendo muchas cosas, pues siempre me a gustado la repostería pero este tipo me encanta, muchas gracias por todo y me haría mucha ilusión que lo leyeras. Un beso ñ

  17. Such a perfect and beautiful cake!!!

  18. Flory Young says:

    Hi Rosie! I love all your cake tutorials 🙂 I was just wondering how you made the little flags? Are they printed? Thanks form the UK! X

  19. adorable baby shower cake Rosie, hope your friend loved it xx

  20. Hi, Rosie. You elephant cake looks so cute and adorable, just like you. What do you love about elephants?

  21. My 3 year old daughter says shes putting buttercream mom hello from Philippine

  22. Beautiful cake! You are so talented.

  23. Hi I have questions
    If m making fondant cake then I can pour color dip on it???

  24. Laura Gaitan says:

    Que belleza me encanta tu trabajo

  25. Hjh Dee Ali says:

    Beautiful cake 👍👍

  26. Zara Secker says:

    Lovely cake. However, it's is spelt incorrectly. It should have an apostrophe between the 't' and the 's' as it is actually 'it is a boy' not 'its' as you have here.

  27. BravoOoOo dear rosie u have an amazing talent sweetie
    You are my idol. I hope 1 day I'll be like you 💗
    P.s : I'm from Syria 😊

  28. Great cake!! As always! 🤭😉 Just for conversation, how many servings do you think you get out of this particular cake? Just curious if I'm calculating correctly. Thanks so much for your time!!

  29. Hey you says:

    The elephant is adorable!

  30. So beautiful.. thanks for sharing this tutorial

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