How to make Pancakes | Fluffy Pancake Recipe

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  1. Nihla Rahman says:

    I'm a beginner and these were perfect but only problem was it didn't come out as a circle like its seen the video i had to move it a little to make it a circle and i realized that we should not put the batter aside for a few minutes or so because it might get a little thick it happend to me and i added a little water

  2. Xiuzhen Lin says:

    Absolutely worst pancake ever make! Full of baking powder smell. I use standard American Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda.

  3. Usman Khan says:

    I made them today , they were nice , just one mistake i did , it should have been creamy thick , so even if you do measure , make sure its not very thin .

  4. Do it have o be all purpose flour

  5. Dyncao says:

    I made this and it didn’t taste nice, way too much flour and it tasted a bit salty, and I had the right measurements and ingredients

  6. it tasted good but it wasn’t fluffy and thick thanks

  7. Why is there always butter or oil in every pancake recipe?….🙄

  8. My concrete working husband usually = 5 servings…

  9. Amita Sharma says:

    If we want to make them sweet.What amount of sugar do we need…?

  10. I try to make pancakes but im not succeed

  11. itz. nxrin_ says:

    One of the most fluffiest pancakes i've ever made 😋

  12. Just tried this recipe and it tastes SOOOOOOO bitter,wouldn’t recommend it

  13. Leah Lee says:

    What is that red stuff ? 2:06 & why it's used

  14. 雪 雪 says:

    How to send a picture to you?

  15. Just add a little more sugar . Makes it perfect . Great Recipe btw ❤️❤️

  16. Ian GB says:

    I made it… first I thought all that baking powder gonna make it taste bitter but i was wrong…. Tasted great and fluffy… Thank you…

  17. Can you don't add any butter in to the pancakes?

  18. Omg These pancakes are incredible
    the first ones that succeed 😍

  19. SuperSyro says:

    Iv somehow got the spatula stuck in my ass im not sure if im doing this right🤔🤨

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  21. She didn't say how much milk

  22. Can we save the batter for later use ?

  23. Thundergame says:

    Same I want to it the pancakes in the video!!!

  24. way to much baking powder, tasted terrible…… binned it all 🙁

  25. Zypher Zolei says:

    who else is a young adult who cant cook?

  26. I like pancakes so much I like this video good

  27. Lei nde says:

    It's best pancake recipe i've found

  28. Hate your fucking sick accent. The most shittiest accent of English in the world. Sounds like someone talking from their butt hole

  29. Brian Rosado says:

    Trump would call the pancakes traitors

  30. rumpole42 says:

    I will try this recipe again in the morning. Great taste. We ate all of then this morning. 😀

  31. rumpole42 says:

    I just tried this recipe taste 👍


  33. Just tried this and my pancakes weren't fluffy and they spilled in the pan when I tried to turn them over

  34. Shimaa Emad says:

    What syrup is that u put on top?😅

  35. maha lakshmi says:

    Please explain clearly

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