Easy Smoked Turkey Recipe – Thanksgiving Dinner – I Heart Recipes

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20 Responses

  1. No One says:

    Can you make fried Turkey 😍?

  2. There is awesome would you did cause I love to cook I live alone and I cook my own dinner I love to eat healthy.. I would try to use your recipe.. Take good care of yourself and all of your family and friends too..God bless you and your family with love prayers and blessing always amen…

  3. Absolutely amazing outcome looks so good 😍🦃🍗

  4. juicy freak says:

    Beautiful I want a piece

  5. Keisha Jones says:

    Tis almost the season❤

  6. Sister. Love it but where is my gravy?!

  7. Rosie.Soul women use their hands! Would be delish,with some smoked mac n cheese too.🙂😋❤

  8. Now that's a Thanksgiving turkey! Cornbread Dressing and mixed greens for me. Thanks for sharing❤❤.

  9. Jazzy Star says:

    Looks so durn good!!

  10. I am learning to cook & ALL of these are my favorites!


  11. Trying this! Looked so good!

  12. Did you put this on a barbecue grill or smoker?

  13. I really have to learn how to make one of these. Very nice recipe. Love it!

  14. Ree Smit says:

    Rosie, I tell ya, now I'll have to make this one too for the holidays 😃😂This turkey looks deeelish, no surprise hun. I always make your Cajun turkey and sometimes I switch up and make the other turkey(the one that you butter up real good)😊 Thanks a bunch for sharing! I 'll add to my turkey collection😄😃

  15. Man O War says:

    Thank you for the content and this recipe.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I've already started rewatching your cooking videos for this time of year❤

  17. Stacy Dolsen says:

    This is one beautiful Turkey Rosie 😍

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