Lemon Meringue Bars

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48 Responses

  1. Shayaan Khan says:

    Gemma stafford recipie

  2. Z Zzz says:

    i've been looking for this since gordon ramsay behind bars.

  3. I’m pretty sure Gemma Stafford already made this….

  4. Mia199603 says:

    The egg whites in meringue would be snotty and disgusting, it needs more time "baking" (in reality the whites are not baking, they are drying).

  5. Tina Bhatti says:

    How much time beat egg white to make creamy

  6. Lol the crust is burnt really bad.

  7. Are u How To Basic's younger brother?

  8. Tracy Allen says:

    Saved in the Tasty app! 👌

  9. abc says:

    1 day until holidays bitchesssss

  10. I eat merengue like it's candy

  11. Angus Hay says:

    Where’s the meringue?

  12. When I saw these in Alix's vid I was like THAT VID BETTER COME OUT SOON

  13. I LUV M E R I N G U E BARZ

  14. Jadeen M says:

    Can u also torch the white part after the oven?

  15. flyflip87 says:

    Corners are the best

  16. Tasty y'all got to make a butter pumpkin pie recipe with a caramel glaze on top and some whip cream

  17. Ms FUNNY says:

    Hi if you’re reading this. Please remember you’re strong 😍and I hope you are having a blessed day!

    From a small youtube channel! 🐻😚

  18. Crimsaur says:

    Don't think I didn't notice you changed the voice, change it back!

  19. I wish my cooking channel was this good😥

  20. Mrbink01 says:

    Wow…one tasty recipe I might actually make.

  21. FUNNY SMS says:

    the 22 people who disliked this tried zesting their plastic lemons…

  22. jx14aby says:

    I like it because it's low-fat, low-calorie, low-cholesteral, and high-fiber. Mmmmm Good!

  23. is it dry melt in your mouth meringue or like a meringue frosting?

  24. Angie Lyn says:

    at 1:36, is it just me or does that look burnt as hell on the bottom?

  25. This is the only thing on this channel so far I have all the ingredients for lol gonna try and make it

  26. Lena Beer says:

    i asked for them to do this in the last one YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Noor Afsha says:

    Alix traegar showed this in her own vlog channel and now it’s out on youtube … it was made long time back

  28. Gemma Stafford made lemon bars last week. Now this. You are killing my diet, dammit.

  29. Jackie P says:

    Hi Tasty why dont you have a Choco Crinkles recipe …

  30. Summer says:

    Wheres David Seymour???

  31. Sinaeb says:

    So, eggs with eggs, very good.

  32. Rhyan Obina says:

    Try making stretchy icecream

  33. Grace Torres says:

    Do you guys have any recipes that have very little sugar for people that are on diets and want like something sweet but cant have it because im pre- diebetic and i cant have any sugar

  34. Dalena Le says:

    Could someone explain to what is purpose of poking with a fork?

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