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  1. Yaar itna confusion by God kabhi nai hota hai 🤔 konsa pehle dekhu My happiness ya komal vlogz 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Shaina Verma says:

    Gam hai…how cutely he says new words

  3. It has sugar so it is not healthy at all..

  4. I love you ivaan…. Gumm gummmm

  5. Should remove the word “healthy” . It’s a good recipe but definitely not a recipe for someone whose trying to be healthy. (White flour and sugar doesn’t do much for u in terms of health)

  6. if u have made a lifestyle change with this milk then make another change and stop consuming it !
    soy is not at all good specially for women to consume on a regular basis .
    instead of losing u might end up gaining more weight
    and after adding so much of unhealthy stuff u r calling it a healthy breakfast snack , you are a youtuber and you can freely make and share reciepes but do not comment on their nutritional benefits until you know it !

  7. Ruhi Saxena says:

    Plz share ur aloo recipe

  8. I really truly pray you take this video down. You have people following you and it is your responsibility to spread the right word. You are at least well travelled and properly educated some of the people following you are young impressionable and still have a lots of worldly things to see.

    On a different note you are internet savvy and have made the internet your world to help offer your everyday ‘real’ life, give your personal reviews, advice and experiences. Being honest is your key, right ? So either make a video saying this wasn’t fact checked and give the facts to this recipe how soy, maida and sugar, make this cake more unhealthy then healthy or take it down and hand back the sponsorship rights. Please?

    If this is rini’s work getting you this sponsor that would make me even more sad as she seems smart and on the very same platform “the internet” one could have done proper research before taking on a sponsorship next time google “soy milk benefits and side effects “ all comes up first hand…. Or even to just google “healthy egg and milk free banana bread “ and you get easy results.

    I have understood all your promotions except this….

  9. A V says:

    You are lying that you have changed to soya milk ….. you are such a foodie ….. it’s difficult for you to adapt to healthy eating and lifestyle 😂

  10. A V says:

    Why do you make such high calorie food when you are so heavy already ?

  11. Komalllll please please please don't have soy or tofu (which is soy) it is terrible for you, your child and your family. It is a complete GMO crop and is one of the biggest gimmick for your health. It gives you hypo thyroid and alters your hormone levels. It is terrible for you!

    Please read this. It is a huge lie fad. Promoting it isn't good for anyone.

    I really like you and watch you religiously. So saying this out of care not being negative at all. Please stop and it's a myth that it will aid in weight-loss. I recommend almond milk. Way way way better for you or goat milk of cow milk doesn't suit you.

    And incase you think I am making this up I have studied nutrition.

    Take care. Please please do a little more research before substituting things also soy was the fad but no more due to its unhealthy side effects.

  12. Hey komuu,
    Firstly I loved that choclate paratha and now an amazing dish again..Will definetly try it…I know that i am watching it so so late and i am so sorry for that… But I'll make sure that i 'll watch your videos on time..
    LOVED IT….💜💜💜💜
    LOVE YOU…💟💟💟💟
    LOVE IVUU…💚💚💚💚

  13. Heena Singh says:

    Nice video n ivaan is so cute😘😘😘

  14. Wooooow 😍😍 😍😍 😍

  15. Where did u get the egg replacer nd which brand is it…

  16. Very nice…amazing recepie… ur baby is adorably cute…god bless😊

  17. Itna cute kon video miss krega…late hoskata h bt miss.nahi.m😘😘😘😘

  18. Jeya Dusseja says:

    Nicee receipe…can u tell what is egg replacer u put…

  19. Ivaan is a cutie pie .I really really love him .So sweetly he said bed to bread .

  20. Payal Modi says:

    Don’t care it’s healthy or nt bt it’s look ymmyyyy gonna try it soon 😎😎😁😁

  21. Honey Kalsi says:

    Best part was last part with Ivu.. shoo cute.. ❤😘

  22. sania madoo says:

    please tell me where is that choker from!!!???

  23. Shabina Kira says:

    I am a doctor and let me tell you one thing, any soya product can not be used regularly. Soya isoflavons easily interfere with estrogen level in body which can leads to serious complication in future.It's ok to take it some times as it's a good source of protein but it's not at all suitable for people with PCOS PCOD or Thyroid dysfunction. Please don't misguide people n bring them trouble by saying it's ok to use it everyday just to earn few bucks from that soyabean milk brand.

  24. Looking yumm banana bread,.. thank you for this video

  25. riya nath says:

    Gosh why so cute Ivan?😍😍

  26. Ketki Ramesh says:

    Hi Komal! You look so perfect in this video. Love your outfit. Compliments you so much.
    What brand is the blue shrug from? Tried looking for it everywhere online.

  27. Girls do check Fit muscle TV and fit tuber health relation infos and for healthy recipes check skinny recipe

  28. Lemme make it healthy
    Use whole wheat atta (if possible use chakki grind atta it has less gluten then mill one)
    Use jaggery or coconut sugar
    Banana itself is a egg replacement
    Cow milk
    Olive oil is good but not sure it is pure as it is in demand alteration happen use Desi GHEE (room temp)

  29. SHAMA KHAN says:

    loose some weight Ma'm…. you'll feel grt👍

  30. anaa ali says:

    Just love uh 😘😘😘

  31. Rup Soni says:


  32. Sory you r has flour n sugar, its not a healthy desert..and plz dressup according to your body…

  33. Generally I really don't feel that one should comment and tell someone what to do but because I am watching your videos and specially your cooking videos , I feel this time your product advertisement went little bit wrong. You are an amazing content creator but in this one you have not done your homework beside your soy protein milk ,banana and almonds nothing was healthy like refined flour and sugar a BIG NO. And with this kind off receipe you can never lose your excess weight if you want to.

  34. Lavnya Arora says:

    Wishing to eat this delicious bread made by you someday☺️🤤❤️❤️❤️LOVE YOU. Birthdayyyy super soooon gorgeous🙈😸

  35. What is the egg replacer

  36. I am sorry to say the recipe is not at all healthy.. it has sugar and maida which itself isn't healthy.. it surely can be eaten as snack but not for breakfast.. As the first meal of the day should be healthy and full of nutrients.. Also you said soy milk has zero calories.. Dear 100 gms of soy milk has 54 calories.. it surely has lesser calories then regular cow milk. I am not a hater but at the same time i feel people look upto you and it's unfair to them as they might blindly trust everything you say.. Hope you will take it as positive criticism.. 👍

  37. Nice video komal, but this recipe is not at all healthy because you have put White flour and refined sugar .. if anybody eats one slice of it every day means 200 cals intake so please don’t misguide your subscribers 🙏No Hate just a suggestion don’t misguide people

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