Happy birthday dear/Special birthday Lunch for my husband/South Indian Veg Thali/Veg Lunch recipe

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  1. happy bday sir..u r so lucky to hav such a wonderful talented kitchen queen as ur wife …..happy bday once again sir

  2. suba rajesh says:

    Super combo,very nice will try for sure…👌👌👌👌

  3. Priya Susi says:

    White pusanikai eppudi irukkum

  4. DHILA MOHAN says:

    hai sis. sirku enga wishess solunga. super menus.

  5. Sabi sree110 says:

    Belated wishes sir…nice aunty…unga voice super

  6. Ashok Kumar says:

    Happy birthday sir en son Kum sep 12 birthday celebrate oanom

  7. Mam…I am writing here millets Rosa measurements kindly let me know whether any changes has to be done.

    Millet 1cup, raw rice 1cup,urad Dal 1/2 cup.
    Awaiting for ur reply.

  8. Puli kulampukku oru poriyal seathu kattung akka please

  9. madam beans uku red chilli poda lama
    ( sorry for asking )
    my best wishes to ur huppy

  10. Lavanya S says:

    Very different share – simple and natural speech – hope u got good comments from ur hubby – a small suggestions- always salt should be served left corner and pickle also left corner – I just want to know whether u take any cookery class? Keep rocking 🙏

  11. Raja Ramani says:

    Idly mavu epd pannanunna solluga akka ennakku theriyathu

  12. simple n superb lunch…bt elai pota direction thappu Mam..nuni always comes to serving person right hand side

  13. Hai sis 21st doter B-Day special lunch menu solunga sis my doter name dharshika pls sis🎂🎂🎂🎂

  14. Happy birthday wishes. God bless you

  15. sinsubra says:

    Super Akka. So happy to see how much dedicated you are to your family. Pakkave avalavu azhaga irukudhu. It shows how much you love your husband.

  16. Journey says:

    Such a sweet gift to husband.💞💞💞💞💞

  17. latha kannan says:

    Mam happy vinayagar chathurthi. Neenga sonnadhu pola maavu seidhen. Nandraaga vandhadhu. Thanks a lot mam

  18. AathuSamayal says:

    Belated wishes For your husband. I pray for your family to bless u all with all prosperity. All the best dear. Nice cooking 👏👏👏🙏🙏👍🏵️💐

  19. Raksha N says:

    Wish him a very very happy birthday very tastefull recipe love you so much mam ☺😊👌👌👌👌👌👌💟💕💕💕 ❤❤❤

  20. Palani I says:

    Samayal panrakku inrasst varamattjgnkuthu atukku Anna ka panlam

  21. Jasmine Rani says:

    Belated happy birthday anna… all receipies are awsome akka.. and Soraa puttu receipe konjam podunga akka..

  22. Convey my wishes mam super vlog

  23. MEGALA C says:

    today I prepare this menu only mam thank u mam👌👌👌

  24. Thanks nga. Today I prepared your style Kara kolukattai. Super. thank you very much. During my Pooja prayed for you and Jaya ( Happy home maker). Stay blessed

  25. Madam can u teach us hotel style Appam with muserment

  26. Hi akka, pls post lean protein/rich protein receipt…

  27. Hai akka vedio pathitte ellame supera erukku sir neenge romba lucky eppidi oru wife kidachathukku .akka unga saree nalla azhaka erukku neegalum.akka oruvatti kitchen tour podunge

  28. sumathis says:

    Happy Birthday to your husband! May he be blessed with all the goodness life can offer. Great job Hema! God bless you and your family!

  29. Birthday wishes to your husband. Fantastic menu.. 👌 Today, Sep 12th is my son's birthday too.. I prepared fried rice and panneer butter masala. His favourite..

  30. Happy birthday my friend
    God bless you

  31. Maruthu Mahi says:

    Mam kalyana vitu sappatu mathiri iruku super

  32. Maruthu Mahi says:

    Mam sirku wish panatha solunga

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