My Simple Lunch Menu in Tamil

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47 Responses

  1. Awesome lunch menu and cooking mam. Looks yummy and great. Pl post lunch and breakfast menus like this. Very helpful video. Thankyou.

  2. lilly raja says:

    Amma kasakasa ethukku serganum pls reply

  3. lilly raja says:

    Amma pargur saree vanga address solunga pla ma.

  4. இரவு உணவு போடுங்கள் அம்மா

  5. Madam intha kulambuku enna name?

  6. A KARTHEESAN says:

    Amma itha Mathiri many videos podunga

  7. M Vengatesh says:

    Super ennum recipe update pannuga

  8. Anark Ali says:

    மம்மி சூப்பர். எனக்கு டின்னர் போடுங்கள் ப்ளீஸ். நேற்று சேலம் குர்மா செய்தேன் சூப்பர் ரா இருந்தது.பாராட்டும் கிடைத்தது தேங்க்யூயூ

  9. super Amma. One doubt. ilayil sweet enga vaikanum.

  10. Vinayaka chaturthi vazthukkal Amma

  11. Scrumptious lunch menu 🙂

  12. kavi mani says:

    Ur lunch menu is very excellent ,all the best carry on.

  13. Different and easy menu. You have added twist to the usual sambar, rasam and karacurry. Eager to try these. Thanks for sharing and continue to post combo receipes.

  14. Super mam . Expecting these type of more vedioes.

  15. Super recipes with good explanations 😊

  16. Kalaivani K says:

    Super recipes Amma pls continue doing it, so v ll learn better

  17. radha u says:

    Man thank you so much for explaining the way to serve food for guest

  18. Super mam different rasam verity poduka mam

  19. Please post lunch menus like this

  20. Super amma romba nalla solreega

  21. Super aunty idhey madhri recipes continues panunga

  22. Elaiyila parimaruvadhu epdi nu migavum arumai ya sollithanthinga sister. Thankq

  23. Suji Java says:

    அருமை அம்மா

  24. Akka giveaway paduka akka

  25. Shamili T says:

    Plate super ma….sambar different style…. Super

  26. சிறப்பாக உள்ளது அம்மா😋😋😋😋

  27. Lalitha Devi says:

    Am going to save this video to offline ma useful for next generation.thank you.

  28. Chand Bibi says:

    Super. mam.for.teaching

  29. ரொம்ப அழகா நிதானமா பேசறதே நல்லா இருக்கு மா ,ரசம் அருமை

  30. aslam npm says:


  31. Loga Priya says:

    Rasagulla video podunga amma

  32. Nice lunch and potato curry super amma

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