Quality Family Time / Delicious 20 min Dinner Recipe!

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  1. Jessica A says:

    Morning Meza Family 😊 watching the vlog before work. Like always, I enjoy watching. Editing always on point 👌

  2. Hi from the Chi (Chicago), Meza family. Love you guys. Love how Jesus was talking to himself. Lol. Love Grayson's(sp) beat. By the way, like the Chicago Bulls hat Kim.

  3. Lizhet Ariza says:

    Always excited when I see you guys upload new vids. I literally stop doing wat im doing to watch you guys. Last video when u made enchiladas. I made them just like urs. Amazing girl. ❤

  4. Arie Baybee says:

    Well , that made me hungry ! Lol
    Dinner looks great !

  5. It’s early in the morning, but still watching your vlogs, I love you guys. I love the part with Greyson’s beat in the back ground lol keep up the good work you guys!!

  6. Ashley Silva says:


  7. Right ! The rain in NYC is crazy this week ! BUT you still look good with your cap and hair up 😍😍😍 ! Dinner looks amazing btw ! Love watching you cook ! ❤️ #mezamob !

  8. Literally 3am here in Alaska but I don’t care still watching this. Love you guys 💕💕🇵🇷

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