Sooubway Cake Tutorial with TheOdd1sOut & HowToCookThat

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50 Responses

  1. TheOdd1sOut says:

    The cake turned out amazing! Thanks for making it

  2. Sofia Beaven says:


  3. Gaming Steve says:

    Anyways I LOVE your videos!!

  4. Gaming Steve says:

    Just to remind you it’s not sooubway it’s subway

  5. cantankerous says:

    … never expected a collab with james XD

  6. You always do such an amazing job! Keep coming with those creative cakes! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Subway is my fav food brand

  8. My two favorite you tubers in one! I love this!! ❤️

  9. cake & cafe says:

    Just sitting there awkwardly… soooubway.

  10. Olives & Ham says:

    I love both of your channels! Yaaaaaaay!!!! The attention to detail is amazing!

  11. RazzBazz says:

    Hey Ann! Im just here to tell you that you inspired me to make a website, so im gonna do blogs and some videos. Just want to thank you!
    Check my website:

    (Im currently improving)
    And check out my newest vid

  12. K Pup says:

    OMG that cake looks amazing

  13. saltynoodle says:

    I bet James only did the collab because he was hungry

  14. Sooubway's best cake? 😉

  15. HeyIt'sBrian says:

    I think you spelled Sooubway wrong

  16. banana brain says:

    Jeffre Star
    Safiya Nygaar
    Simply Nailogical
    Black Friday
    Kitten Lady
    Thread banger
    Shane Dawson
    Just a small list of some who are different from one another

  17. I wish that Sooubway can make this cuz that cake looks really DELICIOUS (sorry i'm just craving for that cake)

  18. Jae Waryono says:

    The collab we never asked for but what we needed

  19. Ava Patrick says:

    In the USA we call it subway

  20. The meat looked so real!

  21. 42RosyRosie says:

    Nailed it!!! Looks amazing!

  22. I love ver voice! jt's so soothing & calming

  23. Poliin Furry says:

    I came here after a TheOdd1sOut videos….

  24. Poliin Furry says:

    Hey Ann! Have you heard about that book series named Warriors? If not, you should read it, it's amazing! It's about a cat who leaves his twoleg nest and goes to live in the forest. It's pretty cool! And….. I hope I'm not asking way TOO much but…. can you make a Thunderclan cake please??

    If not, I understand and respect your choice. 😁

  25. tiara crissy says:

    I really love his animations and stories. The cake looked amazing 😍

  26. Slurpuff) says:

    Amazing video! Everything looks so realistic! 9:43 was genius!

  27. Axcityy says:

    Subway? Whats that..? Also did james fly to our gteat country or what happened? (Australiaaaaaaa)

  28. I took a plane to china yesterday and threw up twelve times and this lightened my mood a lot 😀

  29. Prism Kat says:

    Why does James sound so.. Sarcastic.. XD

  30. Maryam Shah says:

    The details ! The technique! Ann you are amazing!

  31. Amy Quirk says:

    I currently work at subway and they made a terrible looking sub 😂 I’m no perfectionist but they could of made your inspirational sub a bit better

  32. syub syub says:

    holy crap hOW DID U MAKE THAT
    im in tears by the beauty of the sooubway cake :') gives standing ovation

  33. I never would have thought. This turned out great, wow. There were no explosion

  34. Park Jimina says:

    You could do a video with Jaiden Animations, I don't know what kind of cake you could do for her. Maybe her bird Ari?

  35. Jiny says:

    hm, so i saw neither of you guys eating it 🙁

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