What I Eat In a Day! Healthy Recipes! + Mini Haul! | Jeanine Amapola

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  1. Do you guys want more of these videos?! Lemme know! <3

  2. Jessenia Che says:

    Love this video! Are you starting to eat more plant based? Ive noticed in your past few videos. If you are that’s amazing! I’m vegan myself and have noticed so many positive changes 😊 keep it up girl! ❤️

  3. Eva Esser says:


  4. Unice Liu says:

    this vid should have been sponsored by trader joes HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA

  5. Kim De Leon says:

    Love this! Please upload more😍

  6. Deana Chaney says:

    Yes please a gym bag essentials that would be so helpful keep up the great work😊😊

  7. I love these videos please do more

  8. are you still drinking apple cider vinegar ?

  9. Lexie says:

    I tried eating healthy and stuff and i lost the small butt i had til i started eating unhealthy again

  10. Make more of the videos!!!!! There Awesome and I love how it's like a vlog!!!!!

  11. What is your hair care routine ?? I feel like our hair is very similar but your hair looks so nice and silky all the time

  12. How do you help yourself to stay motivated? Im finding it hard to keep on the right health help

  13. Persa Maria says:

    I use lifesum occasionally, but after a while it gets really boring to just track everything down. Do you feel like that as well sometimes?

  14. Can u plz explain why josh Murray was at your house , I’m genuinely curious how you know him

  15. daniela Oro says:

    You looook soo gorgeous jeanine❤️❤️

  16. Abby Jenkins says:


  17. Mariane Vega says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I loved it! I really want to start making more healthy recipes and this video was very helpful! XO’s 😘

  18. I need that smoothie recipe!! 🥤

  19. LOVED this video. My passion is health and fitness so i love being able to watch videos much like this because they are super relatable and give me more ideas for healthy meals!

  20. 131st comment yay lol here within the first 4 hours!!!

  21. This made me want oatmeal really badly lol😂

  22. diana b says:

    i really enjoyed this video! And it would be awesome if you could tell us about coping with binge eating too <3

  23. Hanna Allen says:

    Yesss, also please do the what is in my gym bag video!!!!

  24. Loveeed your video it is very helpful and important to eat healthy every day and this really inspires me to eat healthier thank you jeanine for the tips of how you eat healthy😊

  25. Mikaagirl says:

    Omg I have to try the recipes!!

  26. Sarah Kurial says:

    Are you vegan? I’m new here but I definitely got that vibe🌸💕

  27. Erin S-J says:

    i would LOVE if you were to do a "how to look good for the gym" because i always look like a slob. hahahha xx love you

  28. Erin S-J says:

    can you do a active/workout wear lookbook kinda thing

  29. Tanae Troupe says:

    also… love love love love ‘What I Eat In A Day’s’

  30. Tanae Troupe says:


  31. A&M Vlogs says:

    Keep it up Jeanine! Nutrition is key 👌🏽 I’m so glad you are putting it as a top priority 😊

  32. “ I see all the girls outside wearing them so thats why I got those jeans” lol this girl can’t believe yall still watch

  33. Lama28 says:

    Omg the thumbnail is so cute I can’t JDJDJSJJJSH LOVE YOU GIRL 🧡🧡

  34. Lorena Ramos says:

    Hi Jeanine! Love these videos! So real! Also can you post vegan recipes😀

  35. Disa Chantel says:

    Would love if you did one for your not-so-good eating days. You mentioned in the last vlog that your meals haven’t been “instaworthy” (for a lack of better words) lately. Don’t be afraid to share those moments too and keep it 💯!

  36. lynn anne says:

    I like these videos and I wish I could eat a lot of stuff and I used to be normal. For 8 years I have chronic constipation and when you are sick you don't want to eat anything. I have to take medicine to get waste out. Doctors never help and eliminating foods doesn't either. One day I will have healing and be able to eat like I used to.

  37. Make your videos shorter

  38. yesss we’d love to see a what’s in my gym bag

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