Damn Good Vegan Meals | 3 Easy & Healthy Recipes [Mostly Raw ]

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28 Responses

  1. om maryam says:

    Fabiola! I love you and Chelsea. Your contents are just amazing and you encourage me to improve my nourishment. I am always waiting to receive a notification from your channel 😀 Meanwhile l watch your last videos!

  2. I love your videos. Chelsea really envoys helping you and eating the healthy meals.

  3. naturalree81 says:

    Is there anything this child won't eat? I'm sorry i love ya'll but Chelsea is the main reason why i watch these vidoes. 🤩

  4. Lacy Hay says:

    Chelsea you are a joy and a half 💗 I told my mother in law there is a healthy alternative to pasta and she is not a big veggies fan. I want one of those to make veggie noodles in place of the high carb noodles. So simple but all of it looks delicious.

  5. A Earhart says:

    Thought this was a family channel?
    Cursing in the title necessary?
    Love ur videos and this channel plz keep family friendly so we can watch as a family…

  6. You have a wonderful family I love Chelsea she so cute and I tried your recipe love them

  7. Amber says:

    Gross, poor lil girl will never know what real food actually taste like.

  8. toujours au top; je vous embrasse

  9. C.moi.Julie says:

    Merci Fabiola pour les recettes ! Gros bisous

  10. I LOVE your cutie pie helper!

  11. Kent Cashio says:


  12. Ann M says:

    Chelsea is so beautiful. Thank you for allowing her to share on the videos with you. You're doing an awesome job.

  13. Love your videos I’ve tried some of your recipes there so good and Chelsea is so adorable ❤️

  14. JuJuBEE Troy says:

    Omg this looks great!!! I will try this for my family thank you!!!!

  15. Angela Rose says:

    I do have a question though! In the thumbnail there is a picture of like, noodles with peas. On the left on the bottom. But I didn’t see that recipe in the video? Is it in another video?

  16. Do you use the microwave?

  17. _ Biene _ says:

    I‘m from germany and i never thought that you know sauerkraut too? 😂 i thougt always its a typical german food

  18. Kelli Watts says:

    Chelsea needed to taste the milk before the smoothie. Lol!!!! So cute.

  19. Angela Rose says:

    you are doing an amazing job at keeping your family very healthy 🙂

  20. Angela Rose says:

    all of the food looks so delicious!
    & you are looking very healthy & beautiful!
    you are so inspiring to me 🙂 you eat so healthy & always include chelsea in the cooking process!
    i like the wooden bowls/ plates and silverware also!

  21. Delilah Ann says:

    Food looks yummy…your daughter is such a cuttie pie…thanks for sharing this vid

  22. Christine M says:

    OMG Chelsea 1:20 im in tears lol!!

  23. M Donawa says:

    Do you have a cook book?

  24. OMG I love how Chelsea is helping you. Its all her show now!!

  25. golightly says:

    The marinara sauce looks amazing! I've never thought about putting both sauerkraut and avocado in a salad together before. Interesting combo!

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