Meal Prep Ideas for FEMININE HEALTH

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  1. Honeysuckle says:

    How do you take care of your feminine health?

  2. Faika Zawa says:

    I dnt know why.I'd like to see your hair coloured💗💗💗

  3. Great video, I am wondering, what do you use to make "zoodles" with?

  4. Looks sooo good 😫😫

  5. Where is that bowl from with the kale salad? Is it anthropology? This is my fiancé’s YouTube account haha I was too lazy to log out

  6. NGB0408 says:

    Love this topic!!!

  7. simplee beth says:

    Eating tomatoes WITH your avocados increases the health benefits of both

  8. morris joans says:

    I'm not a mom but I always looking for healthy tips lost ten lbs so far this was helpful

  9. Please make a cookbook!!!! Please please please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. I would say eating right as you are! Vitamins! A yoni crystal and pelvic floor muscle exercises to help everthing go back to its place! Also yoga to stretch your hips and groin! Also Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil, for over all regulatory funtion!

  11. rachelmm05 says:

    My baby days are done(unless it's one of those miraculous against the odds type of pregnancies lol😁) I have a 15, 14,11, and 8 year old. I do remember before getting pregnant with maybe the 3rd or 4th kid that I started taking prenatal vitamins a little before I got pregnant to help give those extra vitamins for pregnancy support. Btw that salad looks great

  12. Rhyan Smith says:

    I make a similar salad – instead of peach I use mango and pomigranut, plus some rosted sweet potato, squash and red onion. I swap chicken for salmon . Yummy . Also works well with a lemon & ginger vinagrette.
    Regarding babies- I had a tough labour with the first, my second was much faster & I felt I had worked my self up un-necessarily after. The experience is part of the journey & is most deffinately worth it.

  13. Maha Noor says:

    Loving your channel more and more with each video! Great job ❤️

  14. Ruth Ruiz says:

    I like you shirt 😄 where did you got it from ?

  15. Natalie says:

    That salad…😮 looks delicious

  16. JacRae says:

    During my second pregnancy, the midwives told me that the second time you go through labor is usually quicker. I pushed for 4 or 5 hours with my first baby. With my second baby, I pushed for maybe 10 minutes. Not a guarantee, of course, but the second time around was soooo much easier for me!

  17. Where is the bowl from that you used for the salad? It is beautiful!

  18. Love this video…we need more feminine health talks… 🙂

  19. K. says:

    The cute purple bowls.. I LOVE THEM.

  20. My baby is 6 month old. I had some complications during my pregnancy so I was not one of the pregnant women who said "I love being pregnant.". I am not ready to have the second one mentally physically yet. Babies are truly a bundle of joy though. What I do for my health is keep my intake of carbs low and eat balanced meals. Thank you for sharing good ideas. I will check out the supplement you mentioned in the video.

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