Vegan Breakfast Cookies! Easy Healthy Recipes!

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27 Responses

  1. Michelle Ach says:

    I’ve never been this early to a video. I’m not even vegan. I was just looking for good cookie recipes. Going to try this out 🙂

  2. Always make sure your Oats are organic! Great video, thank you!

  3. Cookies for breakfast? Yay!

  4. fanofpink says:

    Ahh your recipes are so real if you didn’t tell us it was a it sponsored I wouldn’t know!!!!

  5. M D says:

    I love bobs red mill products!

  6. RICHARD1974 says:

    macadamia? delicious with white chocolate. reminds me of the 3 for 1$ at subway.

  7. Cheryl Hock says:

    Could you please drop off a batch of those cookies to my house Alyssia:))
    I love Bob's Red Mill….

  8. Alyssia has officially made it big- she’s been sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. That’s actually life goals 😂😍

  9. Those are a great afternoon pick me up also!!

  10. Lina Kn says:

    Your welcome you deserve 1000000000 subs

  11. Notorious J says:

    I love when you post vegan recipes!

  12. Oh me, oh my! These look great! Hmmm – wonder how many times I could use that discount code…hehehe

  13. Lina Kn says:

    I mean your bentos ARE SO FREAKIN GOOD 😂 can I also have a shout out ur the best

  14. Aww no cookie monster! 🙁 great recipes though 🙂 Nom Nom Nom!

  15. Why the heck are people living gluten free on choice?

  16. KijiART says:

    Yay, another vegan recipe!! And just in time for grocery day. 👀

  17. What happened to Friday Night Supper Club the past couple of weeks?

  18. Lina Kn says:

    I know this is weird but I watched them all and last year I used the too 😂

  19. Brandy White says:

    When is eat the pizza coming back?

  20. Hi, sweet adorable Alyssia. Your vegan cookies look simply delicious. You have the cutest face and the sweetest voice. What's your honest opinion on turkey? Have a good day, sweet adorable Alyssia. I sent you lots of love from Wisconsin. <3

  21. So excited about these, i was looking for some great options:) thank you!

  22. Lina Kn says:

    Can u do bento boxes because I need them I’m at school and I have no ideas 😂

  23. BREAKFAST COOKIES!? 🍪🍪🍪 Finally! 😎 I hope you enjoy these recipes—let me know, which is your favorite in the comments!!👇👇👇

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