Best Maggi Bhel Recipe, Cooking Maggi In Different Style, Street Food Maggi, Crunch Maggi chaat

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18 Responses

  1. why she was doing that ,,, uuuh uuuh ,,😊😊😊

  2. Ayushi Maggo says:

    U speak so sweetly 😘😘n ur recipe is awsm..

  3. Hetal Purani says:

    Wow!! V. New idea & new style of using Maggie by making it's bhel in this way.. Thanks for sharing such a new innovative receipe. I will surely make it n let you know.

  4. Looks delicious and your presentation is too good.. 👌

  5. geetha rani says:

    Yammyy maggi😋, u know my daughter loves u a lot

  6. Asma Khan says:

    Amazing mam
    I just loved it 😋💖

  7. Hey Alpa must appreciate your Idea:)….It looks so innovative and tasty as well…Thanks for shring

  8. Ajaj Bapu says:

    My Favourite megi 🍲👌👌👌👍👍👍

  9. Muthu Kumar says:

    Semma….. Suppppper…

  10. somvya G says:

    Hey where wer u so mNy days

  11. Parul Shah says:

    Dear pls make if u can Vegetarian Bao’s recipe and black pav bhaji😊I have seen ur recipe today 1st time but I like ur recipe very much 👍

  12. Aap ke recipes dekh ke lagta hai all u think is about your viewers n how to get something new cooked .. you too awesome

  13. Sakshi Mehta says:

    You always make new receips n Maggie bhel I m seen this first time ….I try it …

  14. Very nice superb .😛😛😛

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