Delicious Recipes To Help You Cut Back On Dairy

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  1. A Can Love says:

    Yum broccoli cheddar soup looks amazing

  2. These recipes will help me cut back on eating

  3. There are tons of delicious real cheeses I like to eat, but I also appreciste any Tasty recipe that doesn't rely on cream cheese.

  4. Ale Ialu says:

    2:04 Se sei italiano ti sarà venuto un infarto. Come é appena successo a me.

  5. Mabel Pines says:

    I have, never in my life, seen or known of the existence of grape tomatoes

  6. Cow milk is for baby cows.
    Kangaroo milk is for baby kangaroos.
    Breast milk is for baby humans.

    Don't cut back on dairy– use breast milk in your recipes. Common sense, people.

  7. Peter A says:

    WTF is non dairy milk, this shit is getting out of hand.

  8. How about dairy and nut free recipes please

  9. I'd love to start leaning towards vegetarianism maybe one day vegan, not for moral reasons, more so because of my health (lactose intolerance and I'm technically allergic to eggs and pork, and eating beef has started upsetting my digestive system) but i don't know where to start or anything!!! Is it expensive? Thanks for your suggestions.

  10. ~Thank you so very much for once again me being lactose intolerant.~

  11. Oh yaaasss🙌🏻🤩

  12. GesoGan says:

    This aint it chief, get that nasty shit out of here

  13. I don't like to call cheesecake to that cashew thing, I have tried a few times and really vegans it doesn't taste any similar, and it doesn't look similar in real life, personally I don't like the cashew thing but I think it batter to create a real name for it and don't call it "cheesecake"

  14. Tiff Tur says:

    This is exactly what I needed!
    I’m breastfeeding and my daughter gets super gassy and fussy when I have too much dairy.
    However it’s so hard to cut it out and still have foods taste the same. Especially with a picky husband and toddler.

  15. Is tasty good for kids because it was from the buzzfeed channel and buzzfeed Is not for children

  16. Loki te says:


  17. ItzJustMe says:

    Dont nobody be wanting to freeze stuff for hours i be hungry NOW

  18. P P says:

    Saw pumpkin puree and lost all interest.

  19. Can we see some vegan free recipes?

  20. Ziorac says:

    I think I'd rather buy buy my milk and cheese from my local dairy shop with local cows in fields and local production than import all those nuts and stuff from all across the world that were harvested by people that are paid shit and that get sick from it….

  21. You see, i own a cow and her name is Linda.
    She gives fresh milk every day.
    I drink all the milk every day.
    I am fat.
    Can you make a video showing what to do to a cow in order to make her give less milk?

  22. C0sm0cogs says:

    Dairy is addictive <3

  23. 1:47

    Ignore this comment I’m making me some good din din tonite

  24. Taylor Shall says:

    Buuuut why do you need to cut back. I mean unless you’re lactose intolerant you don’t need to-

  25. FatLossGo says:

    Great Video 🙈.
    You Inspired Me To Start My Channel 🙌… And I Hope I Get 100 Subs 💪.
    Thank You 🔥😊

  26. Areeba Ahmed says:

    please bring more behind tasty

  27. Music Lover says:

    Wait what is non-dairy milk?

  28. abby's anime says:

    I dare you guys to make giggly cake and nice filling inside. Tasty

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