Satwik Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food

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31 Responses

  1. Soft Kerala puttu recipe, the healthiest multi grain breakfast

  2. Green chilly has negative prana. It is tamsik. Use red chillies can be used.

  3. Why so much comments about their weight.just take the best from this video and proceed.a person might be a little overweight and still be healthy.

  4. Desi Travels says:

    Ill stick with keema malsa….. but some pf it looms good

  5. they are teaching us satvik, but they are eating like pigs

  6. Vishnu S says:

    This is one good example of Preach What You Don't Practise.

  7. Fat doesen't mean unhealty. How many slim persons are sick. Good karma to you.

  8. You use organic food? To eat organic is important.

  9. O my God the humans are changing into animals now a days, foolishness who said to eat like this , it is not even said in hindhuism to eat like this

  10. aarti sharma says:

    Do post more satvik recepies

  11. siva rama says:

    these 2 hosting the show are out of shape. they should not be talking about healthy diet.

  12. Ashok B says:

    In kerala some ladies are bit over weight and some are slim. As long as they are active in their daily routines, what is the issue?. why should one comment on this, without admiring the contents of the video. May be result of biased mentality.

  13. Ashok B says:

    Excellent video. Feel sorry, missed this video for 1 year. Great efforts. Congratulations to both the participants.

  14. Biju Nair says:

    To be clear this is an ayurvedic resort, hopefully milking foreign healthy tourists. Satvik is just for the customers of the resort. We dont eat that crap, we sell as healthy shit. Rest assured, the shit will be ph neutral.

  15. Curd is a good dressing for Sprouts. Just mix Curd and Sprouts, it tastes very good.

  16. Inayath Ali says:

    apne ye motapa diet meal khake banya hai kya ?

  17. Nice preparation. we have to stay in Kerala for such breakfast. In other states it's not possible to arrange that much everyday.

  18. Ivy Stephen says:

    I believe BMI also important. Please check it out …

  19. ashu mehmi says:

    These people are talking about healthy food and weight control๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ What an irony.
    Have you not been eating this food because u guys are clearly overweight

  20. Church feeding free food.

  21. Both need HEART CHECK UP. FRAUD. Their profession is to eat. And put on FAT.

  22. No mud vessels, what a joke. Fraud.

  23. AYESHA UZMA says:

    Very interesting food style cooking and both are very cute.

  24. loooool both of them don't seem to be eating any satvik food

  25. yeah I will have to go to toilet after eating it too much fiber and laxative properties.

  26. wickandde says:

    Wow this is really amazing

  27. Typical Early Morning TAMIL Farmer Food .

  28. The spqoon is made up of a coconut shell

  29. Anil Nair says:

    I live in New Zealand. Happened to see your video and I was watching the 2 unhealthy people talking about health food. When you talk about health food you should look healthy and trim. The Executive Chef is panting when talking and imagine how unhealthy and needs medical advise. For God's sake please don't come and preach when you cannot practice what you talk.

  30. Bharat Soni says:

    Thanks for saying truth about three guna of food well done good recepie

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