5 Incredible Dessert Smoothies

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45 Responses

    id love the first one if the strawberries were replaced with like bananas or something idk

  2. Can we use these smoothies or any of your smoothies as dinner replacement meals especially when we're trying to lose weight?

  3. THE MINX says:

    She reminds me of ellen

  4. Will Ash says:

    You are so cute and beautiful love ❤️ you 😍😍😘❤️😘😇😭

  5. kay mills says:

    Your laugh is wholesome

  6. Do you know how to make creamy cashew at home??

  7. Can you please show how to make vanilla Greek yogurt at home??

  8. Can you please show how to make almond milk at home??

  9. Finally someone who loves smoothies as much as I do

  10. If I'm going to make a smoothie, I'm not adding any chemicals

  11. Frett Not says:

    I made the blueberry pie and it was spot on

  12. Gangway Ent says:

    i love your work babes

  13. OMG this channel is insane! Every time I visit I easily spend over an hr watching new smoothies ideas. Thanks so much!

  14. Jack Hyatt says:

    Try vanilla wafers instead of graham crackers with the Strawberry Cheesecake smoothie, Love. It is a much better tasting.

  15. Can I know your sicret ha?😇

  16. Laryssa Sena says:

    I am sorry, but what is silky milk?

  17. Sad Juice says:

    My family is strange.

    No orange juice or strawberries or pineapple or cocoa powder

    I have a sad child hood. I just wanna be a healthy 7th grader dammit! Its hard af to get breakfast ):C

  18. Erin Whitt says:

    God bless y'all people

  19. Lacey Sophie says:

    what a great idea for a YouTube channel I bet she does well with this !

  20. i Love the 🍒🍌it is so good.i used a slim fast mixture

  21. was hoping for one with teramisu flavor

  22. Abad Mhel says:

    what a very refreshing.drink easy to make and little ing.love it thanks So much for all your info.I following you.from hongkong

  23. Lol Moi says:

    I love this smoothie, it's SO simple and fast and yummy 😊

    You need:
    1 banana 🍌
    5-10 strawberries 🍓
    2dl orange juice 🍹
    4-9 ice 😨

    Yaas 😍😳🍌🍓

  24. " im just gonna add a bit of avocado

    (puts in half a avocado)

  25. Jellicious11 says:

    Can you store these as well as all the other smoothies you make be made and then stored in the fridge or is it best to drink them straight away?

  26. Ahmad Malass says:

    I just have a rush to make one of these at 3am

  27. DanielWhaaaa says:

    can't wait to buy stuff to make these omgggggg

  28. hp says:

    make a pumpkin pie smoothie please!

  29. LIZZIE ISLAM says:

    can I use whole milk instead of silk

  30. Am I the only one who noticed these smoothies were all nude colors😍

  31. Jackie Lee says:

    I tried the strawberry cheesecake smoothie and banana nut smoothie. I loved both of them, especially the strawberry cheesecake one. It really is incredible, I think I'm addicted! Thank you!

  32. These smoothies look so delicious especially the strawberry cheesecake one

  33. Fiza Zaki says:

    omg sara u r legit

  34. Jen Ro says:

    Just made the strawberry cheesecake smoothie. Delicious. My 5 year old and I love all your smoothie recipes

  35. Can u do this recipe without the nut products??

  36. Pudotdotdot says:

    i love these recipes so helpful im subscribing!

  37. Pun Artist says:

    Can I use actually mint leaves instead of peppermint extract for the chocolate mint smoothie?

  38. these look, sosososososososoooooooooooo good 😁😁😁😁😁🤗

  39. you did a good job😆😆it looks good

  40. hendrick32 says:

    3:00 made me subscribe! lol that was cute!

  41. I love slik so much
    i tried the starwberry cheesecake yummy!

  42. this is better than the food network

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