Breakfast Potatoes 3 Ways | Brunch Month

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29 Responses

  1. Those recipes look amazing. lol

  2. Yummy . It was so nice to see new recipes and you have such a postive vibe to you thank you for sharing I'm knew to your channel and loving it

  3. S B says:

    Hi dear….is clarified butter same as Ghee(an indian name)?

  4. RosySpeaks says:

    I love potato pancakes! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. Josi Cane says:

    Do the potato-pancakes taste good when they're already cold?

  6. tsuyayaka1 says:

    That butter trick… 🤯

  7. Alli White says:

    hm for me these are lunch recipes 🙈

  8. Zahraa Ammar says:

    You are impressive !!! 😍😍😍😍 my mouth was watering since the first seconds of the video till the end ! I am addicted to your videos ❤️❤️

  9. omg youre so adorable and you make everything sound beautiful! I'm so glad I found your channel<3

  10. Ik I'm soo late but can u bake the potatoe pancakes instead of fry them?

  11. Estilo4 Shop says:

    I wish someone would cook these for me. I am too lazy

  12. Alex says:

    While this video is two years old already, I just have to say- your channel is great! Love that you always show several recipes in one video, they look delicious, are healthy and don't need a lot of time to be prepared. And you're so likeable! Btw, your channel name, I'm with you girl, I'm a domestic geek too, haha.

  13. I tried the pancakes, and it's just AMAZING! I topped it with cream cheese, though.

  14. bella123 says:

    Forget my keto diet, I'm making these babies……

  15. Lynne Holden says:

    That looks delicious, thanks! 🙂

  16. Dorina Barta says:

    Girl, you just gave a new meaning to potatoes 😀 Loved your video and will try these tricks!

  17. stefanos2691 says:

    Potato pancakes? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  18. Anne Solomon says:

    I HAVE to try these recipes! They look tasty!

  19. riaz ehsan says:

    iam in love with ur recipes and now iam having a marathon of ur videos iam also a new sub

  20. thea loves says:

    Woman, I love your channel ❤

  21. Anna Nowak says:

    Love your cooking recipes!!! Greetings from Poland/Germany

  22. Tracy Herwig says:

    That moment when your earbud falls out and you think "why is she putting shredded carrots in those mashed potatoes?" Then your stomach goes, "ITS THE DOMESTIC GEEK—DO IT!" And even though you know it's cheddar cheese….you kinda wanna try it anyway.😂

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