HEALTHY & VEGAN FALL RECIPES – Pancakes, Pumpkin Risotto, & More!

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  1. anu naidu says:

    Hi guys, am starting vegan diet from today,,, I have a doubt, does whey protein from protein shakes causes acne?

  2. “Anything you want that gives it that *mushy flavor*.” 😂

  3. I just made the pumpkin risotto and it's honestly SO GOOD! I used brown rice instead and had to add a little extra water, but it worked fine!

  4. Should have peeled the carrots first.

  5. goodness 2 vegan cuties? i despise pumpkin but it is all good. subscribed now to see what else i may have missed in the past.

  6. LovedHappy says:

    yummmm! That pumpkin risotto is calling my name!

  7. Y&S FOOD! says:

    Amazing video clip! Here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to discover this type of content. We produce Travel & Food films too, across the world, and also we are frequently searching inspirations as well as techniques. Thank You.

  8. Do y'all eat GMO free?

  9. Lorinda life says:

    I’m allergic to oats but they all look so good 😭❤️ been watching you since I was 13 now I’m almost 17. Three years strong as a vegan!!

  10. I don’t eat a lot of soy, but I have this balsamic maple tempeh recipe that would go SO good with the risotto. Definitely making that pumpkin risotto for my family thanksgiving. It will be my first as a VEGAN, so I’m bringing lots of goodies for the family to try 😋 looks delicious!

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with beans and rice. Haha.

  11. Megan Lin says:

    Wait…different kitchen set up. Did you two move out?!

  12. MAn Mank says:

    You're both hot I would bang

  13. Hemo Kardia says:

    What level of heat did you use on the pancakes? Like low, med, high for example. Thank you much 🙂

  14. Delightful says:

    Thanks for making recipe videos! You guys rock!

  15. ally case says:

    Omg obsessed. Literally trying the pumpkin risotto tomorrow now!! 🙂

  16. What if no instapot??🤷🏼‍♀️🙅amazing recipes thanks so much🙌🏻✌🏼❤️🤗

  17. Ok stop saying there pancakes or its mak n cheese, when its not. It dose NOT have real cheese so its not mak n cheese.🙄 Call it whatever you want just not what its not lmao. 😂😒

  18. Watching them with those knives made me so nervous!!😬hahawrong knife for chopping but you still got it!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Ashley C says:

    Love love love these recipes! My kind of recipes! I need more videos like this

  20. Could you guys do a tutorial on how you use your instant pot? And how you make different things in it? I just got one and am not sure what to make! I'd love some inspiration:-)

  21. T's Picks says:

    Boy, that all looks so good! Healthy eating can be delicious!

  22. Stacy Cole says:

    I’m hungry now! I need to make all of these recipes soon.

  23. Guys, those pancakes! Oooh lala I could make them with pumpkin too! My four vegan boys could probably eat like four batches of those in one sitting! Thanks for the inspo, guys!

  24. Simple Eye says:

    I'm thinking of trying the lentil stew but with kale instead of spinach.

  25. Trish Armijo says:

    Looking so cute and classy 💕

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