My Thanksgiving Dinner Countdown

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32 Responses

  1. Faith says:

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  2. I didn't know Targaryens do thanksgiving.

  3. That's what my cat thinks about Thanksgiving. …

  4. Happy thanksgiving💞

  5. I’m watching this before eating for Thanksgiving so I’m very ready.


  7. cubanita365 says:

    you make this look so easy!

  8. Wow… This looks so mouthwatering and yummy. Can't wait to try this. For more Ideas Click here:

  9. Ave Pi says:

    looking at this in 2017! Yum!!!

  10. I find using diced apples or pears really yummy in cranberry sauce.

  11. Trying the cheese cloth forsure!!

  12. Sandra Brahm says:

    You made that sound so easy…and I know from past experience that is not true!

  13. her hair was pretty . but who cooking all that when there is Norms ..

  14. Amy Ibrahim says:

    Very nice preparation.

  15. Justine L says:

    I didn't know potatoes could sit in water that far in advance. This makes me so happy!

  16. Ramona says:

    The thing about the warm heat is amazing! I never thought of that. I’m not American but I’m making turkey dinner for my birthday in December so I kind of want some tips!

  17. D Fiore says:

    Such great tips thank you so much!

  18. P La says:

    I luv the teal color dinner napkins where did u find them?

  19. I am on a plant based diet. I was wondering if you can help with ideas for Thanksgiving. I am totally at a loss!! Thanks in advance!

  20. Can you please make a video how to make gravy? Mine always comes out too thick.

  21. swsalem says:

    What happened to the HOMEMADE hot rolls ?

  22. Thanks for the tips, how easy this will make my life.

  23. HiItsIrene says:

    My family is use to having both the Ham and the Turkey on thanksgiving. Unfortunately I have relocated and my kitchen is so small that there is no longer room to put anything. I'm thinking of making just the turkey but I know they will be a little disappointed. I have to be creative just to find where to set things. A larger kitchen is such a blessing. I miss mine. Anyway I am a new subscriber and I love all your creative ideas. You have SOOOO many. Thank you for sharing. Irene

  24. kiko alonza says:

    my lady its all well and good if you are someone who have all this new modern equipment, my oven or hob does not have any of this fancy stuff… it would be helpful if you were to accommodate everyone. i love your menu though

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