Dessert ‘Potatoes’ – Easy Recipe!

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37 Responses

  1. They are called irish potatoes in philly, numbnuts. Not cinnamon potatoes

  2. Then they are not fking potatoes if recipe has nothing to do with potatoes

  3. Kings Slayer says:

    Are you trying to give us diabetes? Just 2 of these is legit going overboard on your calories

  4. Jamzumi says:


  5. FeedMe says:

    I've killed and skinned well over 2000 of this type of buck: and I've made thousands of dollars off of it. And their meat is delicious!

  6. Fallyn Upton says:

    I don’t mean to seem rude to you guys.. but…


  7. Blue Fire says:

    If plants are alive too, why are we eating them?

  8. Wait what about water we drink it we waste it I think we use it more than we eat would that be bad if we drink it and it comes from the fish habitats

  9. Is there even measurements

  10. Send Oats says:

    Then what am i gonna eat for protein?

  11. animal towne says:

    yum! i have to try these!

  12. What does this have to do animal cruelty?

  13. No B ucks says:

    Good idea sue the other people cause u made a man bankrupt because of a simple monkey that took a selfie monkey copies us ofc. Peta u so dumb somethime's

  14. Bryce Carti says:

    +Chloe Potato Just because plants can't feel pain doesn't mean it is right to take it's life

  15. Thas gonna be spicy🌶🌶

  16. Good for both meat-eaters and vegans

  17. May I ask, If animals aren't meant to be eaten then why are they made out of food.

  18. Yum! These looks delicious.

  19. Bryce Carti says:

    Don't plants have feelings too?! 🙁

  20. I’ll rather just have rice with milk and add cinnamon on top.

  21. Stella says:

    So…. where's the tatos?

  22. Uncle Iroh says:

    Here is a question to you peta do you like net neutrality?

  23. This is not the reason I subscribed to you PeTa, go back to what made you great an shows us the tortured animals.

  24. Berali Diaz says:

    That looks delicious

  25. I thought it would be like the potatos are made by forced trained animals or that it contained milk. Forgot they did recepies ever since phone crashed for like forever

  26. Alex P-B says:

    What a good idea peta. Thank you for turning peoples heads and giving animals a break

  27. D A says:

    I've lived in the Philadelphia area my whole life and did not know that people don't eat these everywhere.

  28. VirskaSwrket says:

    Potatoes are already a plant, so they are already vegan.

    Ehixh is one of the reasons I kinda like potatoes.

    I meant to say which, not Ehixh.

  29. Hey, PETA. I'm thinking about killing lovable farm animals in the most inhumane way. How should I do it?

  30. Can someone from peta go look at Kendall gray…..his page us loaded with abuse videos. I can't handle going thru each one to flag it.

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