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30 Responses

  1. Some really good ideas, looking forward to trying them out. We would love to show you what we do a Lifelab and work together on some videos. How do we get in touch?

  2. Jana Roos says:

    Next week I'm starting a job so I really like these and Def gonna try them all

  3. asianleo83 says:

    Ew subbie here, found u by looking for healthy recipes for weight loss, and being you had a Vietnamese name drawer me in bf I’m Vietnamese too lol, going to binge on your videos now:)

  4. Another Soul says:

    I have lost 9kg and im soo close to my weight goal but i realized that my energy is not the same i feel tired all the time now .. and i lost a bit of my appetite . I eat healthy tho…

  5. Did u boil the broccoli before you fried it? And did you take the noodles out early bc u were going to fry it?

  6. P Dales says:

    Fantastic lunch ideas . Absolutely love kale salad recipe.

  7. chickchad says:

    How do I prevent the spring roll from sticking to each other? I tried wrapping with baking paper but it ended up sticking to the paper. I had a scrambled rice paper instead

  8. Zahra says:

    These recipes all look so delicious! I would need like 5 servings, because I need something high in energy otherwise I will faint.

  9. ok bUT says:

    Very interesting. * mixes up different flavours of sherbet ice cream and shoves in face *
    I should probably eat more healthy… * scrapes sides of bowl *

  10. Thinh Nguyen says:

    Thanks Stephani, your recipe is quite easy to do and healthy, not related to lunch, are you Vietnamese, sorry if my question is inconvenient for you πŸ™‚

  11. Those rolls tho , I'll need 16 of em

  12. This is a very good video ! I will try it as soon as I can thanks πŸ™‚

  13. 11AJ12 says:

    Is rice paper and spring roll wrap the same thing?? She says wrap first then rice paper..

  14. MJ Z says:

    I'm going to make them all, they look delicious.

  15. I just had a 6 pack of marshmallows and a litre of DIET coke. I have finally become healthy

  16. crystal liu says:

    I’m too broke for quinoa

  17. Γ‰lise dsl says:

    Some of your meals are not enough food (kale salad for example)… We need a cereal and proteins not to br hungry at 5PM

  18. Julie Boutin says:

    im sorry if this is stupid , but how to eat the spring rolls? cold or hot

  19. Fangarai says:

    has anyone tried to mealprep the first meal to last a week?

  20. Emily Bone says:

    Thank you for making things that are genuinely easy to make with only a few ingredients, but also look quite filling! So rare that these kind of videos actually do that

  21. Hold on did she cooked the chicken for only 2 minutes 😭

  22. Isma Harbi says:

    I love ur vid. But it would be amazing if you are keeping grocery list

  23. Mrs Foster says:

    Your voice is very soothing. Lol

  24. We love a healthy sister

  25. Kevin Garcia says:

    Who puts glove on lol

  26. tried the recipe & i love it!!! πŸ’š

  27. Simon Morris says:

    Hi Stephi, those are tasty looking meals. Can these meals be eaten cold or would you need to reheat them.. as I don't have access to a microwave at work. Regards simon

  28. Wilou says:

    It would be also helpful if you wrote down the recipes in the description, great video though!

  29. Vanessa Le says:

    I think the Vietnamese inspired springroll is such a brilliant idea! I tried making it & it is so so delicious! Thank you Stephi xxx Love your videos!

  30. Maicie Ray says:

    Where do you get your containers from? Great videos keep it up! πŸ™‚

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