5 Ultimate Recipes For Cheese Lovers

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42 Responses

  1. Peta has entered the chat

  2. I thought this video would be literally every tasty ever

  3. I saw the title and I immediately started getting the cheese out😂

  4. Manny Perez says:

    Links to these recipes, please?

  5. Erina Nazlyn says:

    Tq for all this video .. I love cheese very much

  6. Whoever will reply and like my comment will have the happiest life ever

  7. Nokki says:

    I wish the recipes were written down too, because I am absolutely going to have to make these, but I dont want to keep playing/pausing the video to follow the instructions. >.<

  8. id love to eat this, but i cant moove out of my bed

    sorry, that pun was a little too cheesy

    kill me

  9. xxxtentacion says:

    T A S T Y R U I N E D M Y D I E T 😑

  10. JoyJoy Bean says:

    For cheese lovers…. Here comes the meat

  11. Priyam Dutta says:

    Sorry i cant cook, but please give me some!

  12. charro028 says:

    Most of these are a no

  13. You know what else is cheesy?

    My friend's pick up lines

  14. Darnit! Why do I always came across very delicious foods!?

  15. As cheese lovers,
    we’d like a little more cheese than that.

  16. My FAVOURITE video ever

  17. Fun Gamer says:

    I love cheese on my food.

  18. I always watch these but never do them..
    Anyone else?



  21. MilesIsAMess says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing here. I’m bad at making food and lactose intolerant.

  22. That chicken Parmesan is delicious!🤤🤤

  23. Too much cheese = a whole bunch of gas and shitting

  24. The first one hell yea
    But I’m not a huge cheese fan….but I like cheese😋

  25. mellifex says:

    god this is erotic

  26. Sandra Moore says:

    I can’t make this because…

    I’m lactose intolerant…

  27. Nada Mohamed says:

    Mac n cheese balls are my weakness.

  28. Nada Mohamed says:

    Or…: Putting cheese in random foods that may or may not make sense.

  29. Maha Omer says:

    WARNING: vegans do not watch.

  30. I tried number 5 and it was sooooo good

  31. …nah… I would had to have an oven(burner) as quick or as fast as in your videos in order to make any of these… and I'm a retired metal-worker/welder/etc I should add, because. I know HEAT, as in >>> the best way to cook a pizza for lunch, just like this guy is doing. But, I tried and did things way worst in my life-time than this guy did 😉 >>> https://youtu.be/BalyIv-GrKQ

  32. ma che cazzo vi mangiate !!! Barbari

  33. 3:05

    Minnesotans: You mean…juicy Lucy sliders???

  34. Me just looking at this video, give me the bubble guts

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