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25 Responses

  1. Ella Azike says:

    I need to win this giveaway because I really want to surprise my mom and my entire family on Christmas to show how much I appreciate them and this will really help and I love you soooooooo much I'm an OG supporter from day 1

  2. Alexandra p says:

    Merry Christmas in advance winnie

  3. Zainab Kabir says:

    Your husband married an asset

  4. This video is really helpful. Christmas is a good time for family bonding and Christmas is not complete without food. I'd love to give my family of 5 a good Christmas lunch because it's been years since we have all been together for Christmas and fortunately, everyone is coming for Christmas this year that why I think I deserve to win this price.

  5. If you ever read this Winnie baby please clap for your self this helped a soul. Good lady you are for considering people for the give away

  6. wow u look so good,i wish u can share ur skincare routine and thanks Winnie for this episode I was really confused on what to cook for Christmas as I am on a very tight budget …and I think I deserve the giveaway because I've tried almost all ur recipe lol and I need to make this for my friends

  7. Eucharia obi says:

    That is a wonderful gesture from your part, keep it up

  8. It not fear ooo
    It shouldn't b Niger only

  9. G Gold says:

    Yeee,my bestie here again. I love this thanks

  10. i deserve this giveaway because I have no hope for christmas…I hope I win

  11. Tonia Umuze says:

    My sister God bless you.

  12. Gbemmy mary says:

    Winnie, you have done a great justice to Christmas lunch with just 6000. May God help us

  13. Auntie, its not fair o. What about your fans outside Naija?

  14. Oluseun Iyen says:

    Love your cooking and presentations whats more your amiable personality.

  15. Please i need this money… dad's birthday is actually a day after christmas i.e 26th…..sadly i lost him this year in june….i would love to make my mum and siblings this dish. Thanks ma'am and merry christmas in adcance. #zeeliciousChristmasgiveaway

  16. Ema Gado says:

    Hi Winne, to think that I watched most of your you tube videos yesterday and kept wondering about the cost implication of your sumptuous dishes. I deserve this giveaway because I look forward to trying your recipes on a low budget starting off with the christmas package

  17. Hi zee my name is emmanuel am from lagos ok why i need the money is that i have been washing at ur video an i love it so much so i tell my friend that am going to make something so lovely for them so pls let me be part of this joy

  18. Wow… You've lifted my spirit… I think I deserve the giveaway because I would really love to put smiles or rather surprise my people that following and watching all your videos is a win win, even when I don't have money for subscription. I will have no choice to subscribe cuz I want to try new recipe. Winifred seriously, you've been very helpful since last year. I'm grateful.

  19. Thanks for this. Happy New Month

  20. You look sweet as usual 😘😘😘

  21. I deserve this because I've subscribed to your channel and I've watched all ur videos
    I'm ur loyal fan and I really need this to throw a Christmas party
    but I'm a Ghanaian

  22. Waka Girl says:

    Needed this because no money for Christmas this year and my people must eat!!! Thanks for sharing

  23. A zillion thumbs up to Winnie, this is a brilliant idea, infact ehn, you just made my day. please I need the giveaway cuz I wanna have a nice Christmas lunch and of course share with few of my friends and family at least this year. All thanks to zeelicious foods ❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍

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