Vegetable Rice Simple Dinner Recipe 4

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24 Responses

  1. Nice recipe 🌷🌷😍😍😍

  2. Aarti Rathod says:

    Very nice. Thank you mami

  3. wow ! as usual looks yummy and nutricious due to vegetables

  4. Hello Gita the vegetables rice looks very tasty and I am sure it will be. Please put my doubts to rest the vegs u cut were very large pieces. Should not they be smaller? Also is 1 whistle for the pressure cooker enough? Otherwise no doubt your cooking is excellent Gita!😊I will definitely try this dish👌👌👌

  5. Jeya K says:

    Healthy and tasty veg rice super preparation Gitamam

  6. RINI RUNI says:

    सादर प्रणाम गुरु माँ 🙇🌷

  7. vani shankar says:

    I did the same for lunch today but I cooked rice separately in rice cooker and sauted whole garam masala before sauting the veggies. The cooker in which you made is too small. Sauting will be difficult. In a bigger kadai we can saute well or use a bigger cooker.

  8. Vtunm Vtunm says:

    3/4tth cooker filled with veg…!!

  9. Vtunm Vtunm says:

    3/4tth cooker filled with veg…!!

  10. Kavita Patel says:

    Thanks…. very seasonal recipe 😃

  11. Vtunm Vtunm says:

    Sombu or sounf or fennel

  12. Pure Cooking says:

    Very healthy and tasty dinner recipe

  13. Yummy and pulohara curd rice also show aunty Love u

  14. Thank you madam Gita for this video. If fresh coconut is not available, what else to use instead? Thank you

  15. Aunty reminder ( only 1 video in Hindi ) hope u will do😊😊

  16. sri vidhya says:

    My favourite recipe. Looks Yummy mm

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