Chocolate Coconut Protein Brownies – HASfit Healthy Gluten Free Desserts – Low Carb Dessert Recipes

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22 Responses

  1. Coach Cecil says:

    Delicious, thank you!!! Love it. 🙂

  2. Aliza askari says:

    what we use instead of protein powder?

  3. VOva Zhablov says:

    Hey! I'm Hannah.I did -35 lbs last 1 week.Open

  4. _taxfreerich says:

    Ohhhh yess yummy!!!!

  5. TheAbStand says:

    Looks so good – I've been eating a lot of bars as a snack but would feel a lot more comfortable knowing what goes into them.

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  6. TheFILIPOSSS says:

    coach please more of these awesome recipes…

  7. dmravi13 says:

    lol coach haha, and claudia you are awesome 😛

  8. Max D says:

    Claudia is a natural!

  9. ahahahaha that made me laugh so hard

  10. 11Nuggetsfan says:

    Can someone please help me by telling me what protein powder tastes the best???

  11. Fantastic job little sis. You know I'm not a big chocolate lover but those do look good. Maybe you can show me how to prepare a clean chicken entree 🙂

  12. Devotchka24 says:

    Coach Kozak is the best!

  13. slash3528 says:

    coach i see what you did there…

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