My First Vlog – Lunch Vlog

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31 Responses

  1. Put review about your fridge and freezer dear

  2. Bindhu G says:

    Neenga Tamil dhaane appo tamilla pesunga

  3. Fox Nation says:

    BRO, IT"S FIRE! YOU ARE SO UNDERRATED! KEEP POSTING! Subbed! I would appreciate if u give a feedback and sub on my channel! 🙂

  4. Yamini Vinod says:

    Hi aarthi I love your puppy so much

  5. Your kitchen is very beautiful

  6. Why are you not showing your face? Plz. do.

  7. revathi nasa says:

    Hello mam can share about how long we can store coconut water & coconut milk and also coconut shell in freezer…?

  8. Anjum Ara says:

    Hello dear pressure cooker which u r using s vry nice do tell me frm where u have purchased. In last kitchen tour vlog i had asked abt for brown sugar and wheat flour jar do tell me frm whr u have bought tha adorable 3 jar sets. plz

  9. We Should not eat fruits immediate after lunch or with lunch..

  10. Lalitha Mani says:

    Hi ka awesome vlog.. First vlog best vlog ka… Pls do it in tamil ka it ll be useful to many and attract more subscribers… Akka loved the way u did ur vlog ka u showed us many things n shared many tips too usually i wont watch vlog chumma they l beat around the bush or show sponsor videos mostly it will be boring … Love ur puppy ka.. Wts the brand n capacity of ur fridge ka n how much. Pls do kuttys video tour n wr u bought the photo frame n the tinker bell sticker ka..

  11. Ur English s so nice.pls share Ur kitchen measurement size & budget.

  12. Hi Aarthi, that was nice, good luck with your vlog…

  13. Everything superb exspecially cute puppy

  14. Hi mam,Ur kitchen was awesome,its really a dream kitchen ,can u plz show Ur home also

  15. lib Anthony says:

    Hi… It will be of great help if you put the ingredients with measurements in the description box

  16. Supera iruku Aarthi yendha idathila veedu vaangina ma indha veedu unakum un kudumbathinarkum sagala sowgaryangala koduthu needoozhi vaazhanam ma God bless u Om Sai Ram

  17. sl sl says:

    Will you please share the links of the products used?

  18. Hai dear I am ur new subscriber the recipes in your channel are so mouth watering…. All the best for ur vlogs
    Ur modern kitchen is soooo gooooddddd…..

  19. Hi aarthi… I still remember ur blog is the first one which helped me in cooking after my mrg… It's 2013 from that am following ur blog and even I searched ur YouTube channel too and I able see tomato biriyani (on that time)… Am ur follower from 2013… U r doing gr8 job… Keep rocking dear…
    I followed maha's food which u posted for my son mithu too

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