7+ Months Baby Healthy Lunch Recipe /High Protein Rich Baby Lunch Recipe

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25 Responses

  1. pandu rangan says:

    Mam ithula evalo water add pandrathu antha measurement sollunga mam

  2. Nice healthy lunch for babies ☺️👌

  3. She Cook's says:

    Wow such a healthy treat.

  4. Looks healthy but cooker food is not preferable for babies

  5. sari gama says:

    8 month baby ku ena ena veggie kudukalam sister

  6. sari gama says:

    Sister my baby 8 month cabbage kudukalama solunga sister

  7. Great recipe for babies new friend

  8. Zabardast healthy Thanks 👍💟💖💗💛💚

  9. Ramya Mohan says:

    Hi sis
    All ur videos r super and helpful…
    My son is now 6mnths old
    Wat food shld i give??
    Need ur suggestions pls

  10. Enoda payanuku 5 month nadakuthu biscuts kodukalama

  11. Nice and healthy recipes nice to see ur recipes

  12. Thanks dear for sharing such a useful video.

  13. sari gama says:

    Ulundhu kanji kudukalama sister

  14. sari gama says:

    Sister ulundhu kanji baby ku kudukalama my 8 month

  15. sari gama says:

    My baby ku 8 month kadalai parupu tharalama sister

  16. sari gama says:

    Sister kambu baby ku allergy aguma sister

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