Top Vegan-Friendly Desserts of 2018

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24 Responses

  1. Yey, Vegan Vegan Vegan 😘

  2. Me at 4:39 as they’re cutting the brownies:






  3. Rafael says:

    Again the music being played on loops I mean that just lazy ….

  4. Sooooo no animals were harmed = vegan

    What about all the plants that were murdered?!?

  5. Yes live yuo the kiler
    😇😱😖😍😚😺cheese love yuo

  6. Dog you can’t just Put Chocolate on a ritz cracker and call that dessert.

  7. Does any one know the name one the song

  8. Sophia Pompa says:

    Can you try making nut free macarons? I have lots of friends who are allergic to nuts but I would love to make some for them!

  9. Chey Petras says:

    Remember this vegans out there how are you saving animals when you are eating off their food

  10. My brother is allergic to milk, eggs, fish and peanuts (but allergic like if he eats just a spoon of any of those foods he would die) so he has to eat vegan desserts. I will try some of these, so he can eat some absolutely delicious foods too☺️☺️ thank you soooo much💕

  11. QuietStormX says:

    You do so much to avoid Dairy and Flower. You loose Taste just to live Vegan if you are required, or just to keep Thin?

  12. Davin Mach says:

    1:25 That person that stole the one chocolate piece sitting on the table…

  13. 2:19
    "dinners ready"
    "what are we having"
    "canned chickpea liquid"

  14. Does chill mean freeze or refrigerate?

  15. It looks good but it probably tastes nasty because its vegan food…

  16. the insides of the muffins looked raw!

  17. don't do that mess they did with the second one, just buy girl scout cookies jfc. thin mints are already vegan.

  18. Agh forgive me for being stupid but what are the "rules" for being vegan?!

  19. Shelby C says:

    Not even vegan but some of these looks TASTY! I want to try that ice cream!

  20. Spencer2236 says:

    My thighs have left the chat!

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