6 Simple Bread Recipes Anyone Can Make

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41 Responses

  1. Tyala Mathew says:

    When u r trying to loose weight and this pops up 🙄😂😂😂

  2. Eggy bread pizza sandwich, That has to be the dumb name I've heard and how does chorizo make that sandwich into a pizza? And cloud bread seriously you expect me to call the egg patty bread at least put it in a breakfast sandwich

  3. Mia Ma says:

    Ice cream bread? Wtf 😄

  4. 1:04 what has this world become

  5. Anyone can make? I don’t even have bread at home.

  6. Yeah I’ll Stick To Making Toast…

  7. Ana Martinez says:

    Anyone? What if I have no hands?

  8. You grossly overestimate my abilities to cook, Tasty.

  9. Mmmmm! It is really tasty!!

  10. 2:45 What do you call that bread again??

  11. shoaib ahmed says:

    I'm watching this cuz I'm home alone and hungry .-.

  12. Nathan Arif says:

    Feels bad when you can’t make any of the recipes

  13. Safa Siddiqi says:

    1:30 chromosomes is that you

  14. Enolp says:

    Oh no that last one

    Nuh uh I ain’t makin that soggy bread

  15. Eat With Me says:

    It will be nice if you show how real people eat it

  16. кιγкио says:

    Am i the only one who watch this while eating?

  17. Joshua Hill says:

    I thought we were making bread in this video?! WHERE'S THE BREAD??????????????????

  18. If you hear about a whole family being found Dead on Christmas morning all dressed in matching red plaid pajamas, it was my gun that is responsible. We are not the Partridges or the Brady's. They have been earned.

  19. I watch Tasty because im hungry🍔🍔🍔

  20. Mas Rifqi says:

    is this Western Style dumpling? stuffed breads?

  21. Đức cfm says:

    Why am i watching this in a bathroom?

  22. Nour Hossam says:

    Let’s get this bread

  23. They said we can't give genius name to anyone but look this is a food genius. It's like foodopia

  24. LeMonAde * says:

    Ice cream bread does not work

  25. StarChaez says:

    I can feel the carbs through the video

  26. Yummy Food says:

    Awesome…. thanks for sharing 😀😀👍👍👍

  27. xiaoyuli says:

    "6 simple bread recipes anyone can make"
    You underestimated my lazy ass who can't even cook egg properly

  28. Damaygo says:

    Did they just bake ice cream

  29. As I said, tasty really hates me. I was searching for bread recipes yesterday and ended up having just bread and butter. And you dare to post this TODAY. it has happened more than thrice guys.

  30. If youve never tried the cloud bread…DONT!! Seriously, its awful.

  31. When will we get some bread machine recipes? None of these are new. These tired old recipes are getting to be a real boner killer every time I see an upload expecting new recipes.

  32. Sharmi Tips says:

    Good Recipi 👍👍👍👍

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