DIY Thai Khanom Luk Chup – TINY fruit-shaped desserts made from MUNG BEAN PASTE

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  1. Get Emmy on Chopped!!!

  2. AdvancePlays says:

    Ahh, thought coming into this video it'd be similar to those marzipan fruits I've seen, makes sense it inspired it! Cute!

  3. Jiana Salas says:

    Emmy, this might get buried in the comments but I just wanted to say I genuinely think you have the most interesting and diverse channel! I’m never bored and I’m always learning about something here.

  4. mary fm54 says:

    Those are very cute! Emmy I must comment on your hands, they are always so very well manicured and look nice in the videos.

  5. Martin Owen says:

    Just like a zit…. delicious!

  6. iris rosario says:

    So glad you have this recipe. I’ve been looking to see how to make it and most recipes I found were so elaborate. It I’ll try that recipe! Thank you!

  7. These things are so cool. So cute. Wish you a blessed holidays.

  8. when emmy was garnishing the fruit & veg she reminded me of the rainbow sponge lady 😂😂

  9. tyrenaut says:

    we do these in italy as well (with marzipan ofc)! they're just a tad bigger

  10. birdsmeet says:

    That popping mango was so funny 😂

  11. Max Valley says:

    I love the way she used real greens to complete it. Really works well

  12. Kitty Coco says:

    Emmy you're such a lifesaver! Thank you, thank you, thank you, I was just looking this up!

  13. chim mi says:

    I'm Thai and I love Luke-Choop (Actually we call it, LUKE-CHOOP)

  14. maisytrain86 says:

    “Look! It’s a cawwot” *overcome with cuteness

  15. Love Luxe says:

    I never knew carrots and cherries are the same colour

  16. Coconut in them??? Oh yes now I would like them lol

  17. if these are miniature fruits how would a miniature cherry look like? OoO

  18. Looks like the nasty patty from spongebob on the inside


  20. "N.E. Let's Eat" eats these in her ASMR videos all the time

  21. You should do marzipan too 🥰

  22. bloom will says:

    My husband and I both grew up in German/American households so we absolutely love marzipan around the holidays. I might actually try making these!

  23. Alosa C says:

    thai khanom technically means 'thai desserts' so just calling them luk chup is fine! 🙂

  24. I was in Thailand when I was six and i saw one of those and they looked so yummy so I bought one and i was so disappointed i wanted something fruity but I got beans

  25. James Clark says:

    Probably the cutest dessers ever.

  26. Mmmmm mung bean! Yummers!

  27. Daniel says:

    I’ve seen SAS ASMR eating those and I really wanna try them! I find it so fascinating how the majority of East Asian desserts are made from beans or jelly

  28. Mille Frush says:

    It's pronounced as 'look choop' 🙂 I really love these lil treats. It's so great to see you try making them! By the way, I've loved your vids for years. They so special.

  29. It used to be very common, in the 90’s, to have marzipan fruit on top of birthday cakes in Israel. Idk what happened to that trend. 🤔

  30. BlueGlass says:

    So cute! It reminds me of the fruit shaped sweets made of marzipan that we eat in the Netherlands with Sinterklaasavond ('Dutch Christmas')

  31. Akif Norsh says:

    they are too cute to be eaten

  32. Akif Norsh says:

    they are too cute to be eaten

  33. Draxsonimy says:

    "agar agar has a crisper bite if you ever had a (what?) you know what I'm talking about"

  34. I FORGOT THIS EXISTED!! I used to visit Thailand every year and would buy these from the street vendors in the morning market. The mung bean paste is quite similar to the ones in Ang Ku Kueh (a pastry with glutinous rice flour skin encasing mung bean paste) but I don't recall it having a coconut taste. I'll definitely try to make some this holiday with the recipe you provided! Thanks, Emmy!

  35. Kim. R says:

    OMG, they make this every Christmas in my state which is in India. Ig when the Portuguese came here they decided to leave it for us to taste too hahaha

  36. "Orangens" hahahaha you're so stinking cute

  37. David Rivers says:

    6:20 “that’s what she said” Emmy

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