Instant Pot Sticky Monkey Pull-Apart Bread – Instant Pot Breakfast Idea

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11 Responses

  1. Looks so good. I’m tempted to buy the pans but wondering what other things you use them for.

  2. Lisa Clark says:

    Looks yummy! Thanks for the link. I just ordered the double stacking pans. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lee Longeway says:

    You can find them on Amazon

  4. Wow your dish looks pretty as you dear..😊😊 Subbbbing yours right away 😊 stay connected

  5. Ommmg! Yess. I will try this ASAP! Looks so good. Tfs.

  6. Thank you so much I love all your recipes for the Insta pot. I am a newbie at this so you really explained everything really well can you do a great job thank you so much and your cute too

  7. Kelli miller says:

    Thank You for sharing. I just got a instant pot your videos are so helpful. Where did you get those pots?

  8. Pan you used in the pot ?

  9. Do you have the link to the insert pans you used?

  10. That monkey bread looks mmmmmmmmmhmmmmm yummy!!

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