5 Non-Egg, Low-Carb Breakfasts (What to Eat besides Eggs)

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  1. I always seem to be afraid of yogurt ..remember hearing it kicks the digestion out of sync. Anyone else hear that or similar??

  2. Troy White says:

    I heard multiple times, that actually skipping the breakfast is very healthy and beneficial for our bodies. This will turn out as even longer fasting, after the night of sleeping.

  3. Scott Fernie says:

    Thanks Dr Becky. Great info as usual.

  4. Thank you dr. Becky for another excellent video Happy Holidays to you

  5. G. Moore says:

    Good info, but I usually don't eat breakfast. I just have coffee. Maybe once a week, I have eggs and bacon (weekend). How is that for low carb. Most important meal of the day? Nahh, not IMO.

  6. lnghrnfn says:

    I love smoothies! I make mine with Fage' 2%. (same amount of carbs as the full fat & substantially fewer calories) It only has milk, cream, & active cultures. I use 6oz so it's 4 1/2 carbs.

  7. Matt B says:

    thanks for this I can never stomach eggs in the morning when I get up, lunch or dinners i'm fine just not first thing in the morning

  8. Joe Botz says:

    One of my go-tos is fresh AKA wet mozzarella very keto friendly high in fat moderate protein close to no carbs or sugars per serving I like breaking my fast with this as well because it's nice and soft keeps me in a ketogenic state

  9. Mary Perry says:

    Thanks so much Becky! These breakfast options look so very good.

  10. Erik Janse says:

    Thanks a lot, very helpful tips! However are the yoghurt, coconut cream & milk in a tin and the mozzarella cheese not considered as processed foods, which contain all kind of preservatives?

  11. southfork40 says:

    Also interested in low carb bread. I discovered 'Ezekiel 4:9 Flax Sprouted Grain Bread'. No flour but full of sprouted seeds and grains. 1 slice; 80 cals, 10 from fat (1 gr), 14 gr carbs (dietary fiber 4 gr), protein 5 gr. In the freezer at Kroger in Detroit. Great toasted with gobs of butter and/or egg on top.

  12. Kerri Dillon says:

    I have never been a breakfast person & don't find breakfast foods satisfying/ appetizing. Also am not hungry before 11:30am or so. Just one nutrient dense meal a day with lunch & dinner foods…waaaaay more satisfying.

  13. Tracey Pye says:

    Do you not recommend porridge. We have that full milk nuts and berries. So satisfying.

  14. Thank you so much! Great video😊

  15. Thanks for this video and also adding the nutritional breakdown w the recipe on your web site. very convenient and helpful

  16. Blue Ocean says:

    Dr Becky thank you for all your advice
    Can i add coconut oil to my coffee bec i do not have MCT oil?

  17. Debbie Lynn says:

    Thanks, Dr. Becky. Nice to know you care enough to give us options. Luv eggs.. magic food Many ways to enjoy.. Hard boiled…That's a party to me. ha… You can always adapt w portion amts to lower carbs on your suggestions. Thanks again.

  18. Joanne Kohn says:

    Thanks so much! I’m struggling with breakfast since I’m sick of eggs and can’t have casein. I’m looking forward to ur dairy free video! 🤗

  19. Sue~tsnbjj says:

    Great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing. <3

  20. Linda R. says:

    Too many carbs except the coffee.

  21. I'm interested to know what you think of pumpernickel (true German style) which has only Rye in it, so the carbs are basically pentosans. It doesn't form glucose – its a C-5 sugar and the glycemic index is about 1. I like a slice for breakfast plus it has the benefit of being one of the best substrates in the lower colon for forming butyric acid.

  22. SUSIE FORD says:

    Why do smoothies not seem to keep me full as long as an egg breakfast? Chewing maybe?

  23. Dori C says:

    Love these recipes, thank you!

  24. Honorata M says:

    Thank you! Have a great day! 🙂

  25. Thea Stewart says:

    Great video! I get so sick of eggs!

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