Making an Inverse Puff Pastry Dessert at Michelin-Starred Le Coucou — Sugar Coated

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36 Responses

  1. Sierra M. says:

    Is he hiring? I wanna work for him, it’d be amazing to train under a master pastry chef

  2. Joy Lee says:

    Rebecca is the first host I’m not irked by in some way (be it arrogance or dumbness or manners). More of Rebecca please!

  3. Jay Zien says:

    She is so "enthusiastic" about this. 🙄

  4. Katie Luv says:

    You know what I love most about this? Rebecca is obviously an experienced chef, talking points are not dumbed down, the questions are not stupid and the jokes are very chef orientated.

  5. What makes inverted different from normal? Is the normal more flaky?

  6. Bubblesoda says:

    This chef gets it. Not snooty just really passionate and fun with his craft.

  7. I felt a bit of flirting between those two

  8. Adrian says:

    She's a good host

  9. Keith Lee says:

    That's what she said 3.10

  10. Jamie Reid says:

    She's a horrible person.

  11. udit fartyal says:

    Forget pastry ….
    'eat' Rebecca ..

  12. A Michelin star dessert

  13. CoasterNinja says:

    That pastry and those apples look incredible.

  14. I have a question to anybody that knows how to smoke brisket read and reply

  15. BoyBalastog says:

    Anyone else reminded of Azusagawa Yukino?

  16. Tosh T says:

    Yikes. @6:05 Chef is throwing some major shade at Michelin starred Emma Bengtsson at Aquavit. 😂😂😬

  17. macfoucin says:

    Horrible host, great chef.

  18. Elise Letson says:

    Gotta love that youhoo in the background

  19. Kamberli says:

    inverse style is called French puff pastry, its the best

  20. kriss p says:

    Dam I thought since it was a Michelin star restaurant, it looked like Chinese sausage for a sec… I was like that’s next level to pair it with cream and puff pastry.

  21. mrmindstorms says:

    This is a really good host. Doesn't exaggerate, is nice and makes the conversation go on naturally

  22. Aviatorix says:

    I love that he goes ham on the mixer, so good 😀

  23. It seemed tp be in the beginning that she was knowledgeable with baking so why is she surprised by the resting of the dough XD.

  24. S3BAST1AN696 says:

    My god, never had I been sexually aroused by a piece of pastry until now….I WANT TO EAT IT!

  25. tigeruby says:

    I like how Rebecca always looks like a mix of "excited to be here" and [screaming internally].

  26. Jun7297 says:

    what the hell is the point of doing it butter outside..
    butter layers are still gonna happen and the goddamn butter is gonna melt???!?

  27. Free Soul says:

    Beautiful 😍😍

  28. A Lee says:

    Michelin star with a damn yoohoo in the background bothering me lol

  29. Easier cooking with Chefista !

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