Strawberry Mousse | Only 3 ingredients recipe | Britannia Dessert Carnival | KabitasKitchen

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  1. Veenu Tanwar says:


  2. Milind Ghare says:


  3. Delicious, tasty , yummy, awesome, superb recipe

  4. meena singh says:

    Very nice and yummy 😋😋

  5. Ayeesha H.m says:

    Love you di yummy delicious dish thank you

  6. Gayatri Naik says:

    Yummy 😯😯👌👌

  7. Izhar Ahmad says:

    Di jis kitchen mai aap khadi hai vo aapka kitchen hai, bahut accha hai, di aaj aap bahut badli badli lag rahi hai, acchi lag rahi hai 😍😍,yummy recipe 😋😋😋

  8. love preet says:

    very tasty dish di bhut ashe gud job dii…😍😍

  9. Yummy. 😊😊

  10. Rakhi Mittal says:

    Ye kya mam so much makeup

  11. You are just awesome you made all the recipe easy and tasty

  12. Mouthwatering recipe ….😊😊

  13. bhavna dave says:

    Amul fresh cream see nahi bana sakte ?

  14. Raj Gajjar says:

    Jimjam Ka Giveaway kro 😜

  15. Pankaj Modi says:

    Woow 😊😊😊

  16. Thank u mam.. For thisssss yummy recipee

  17. Kabita di ye kaunsa kitchen hai .. ??

  18. Wow, it looks so good. I am gonna try this😘😘

  19. Bindu Sareen says:


  20. Recipe King says:

    Wow vry good recipe… Plz friends visit my channel.

  21. Aayush Jha says:

    Yummy 👌👌👌👌

  22. Poulomi Das says:

    Apka sab recipe mujhe achha lagta hai

  23. Pallabi Das says:

    Awesome idea mam😋☺️

  24. Wow mam delicious😋😋

  25. Manuj Mate says:


  26. Can it be done wd simple fresh cream?as in jamshedpur i may not get whipping cream.

  27. Kabita ji dray furoots ka halwa recipe sikha dijye i रिकवेस्ट pl…….

  28. Mam jald se jald chaina gras ki ricepi dalo

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