How To Make 8 Desserts in 1 Sheet Pan with Alvin

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37 Responses

  1. FINALLY! I was waiting for this since the first video was published 🌼

  2. Dont bake it an hour whats wrong with you!?!?!?

  3. Nyein Ayekyi says:


  4. I thought I was watching an old video that I missed until I see the comments lmao

  5. please don't says:

    … you can’t get three flavors cutting it parallel to the sides

  6. Kay Kaur says:

    I made this last month- the pumpkin and apple pie sections were soggy and underdone however the other sections were overdone !

  7. Alan G says:

    Even though I also saw that video many times, we can't blame tasty, cause they can't bake/cook new recipes everyday.

  8. Dylan Poh says:

    U r so cute. I wanna pinch ur nose!!

  9. Lilian Wu says:

    The world-wide heath institute
    says 20 grams is the average
    amount grams of sugar a day..

    SCREW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Amber Lin says:

    So where can I go to slide into Alvin’s dms?? Asking for myself. 😜

  11. Kyxioo says:

    Alvin is cute like if u agree

  12. Suchega Uber says:

    You are my hero. :'''')

  13. how to dm you tho i mean what is your insta user name?

  14. i actually tried to make it , it was so hard like literally but it was worth it here is a minute video of my try on my channel

  15. 3auka88 says:

    So…. Raphaels didn't turn out that right 😂

  16. jits Kamps says:

    Brownie and cookie for the win

  17. You Didn't Invent This. This has already been done

  18. Cookie dough,m n m cookie dough and brownie and cheesecake and smores

  19. The top comments ain't fun. Bottom comments are way better like i get it you're bored of tasty doing these over and over again but just shut up for once because not everyone hate this vid like you do

  20. Enzur says:

    This is some unsub worthy content right here with this recycled content

  21. Sorry Tasty, you need to take a break!

  22. Malaz500 says:

    Alvin and the Chipmunks!

  23. Would've been better if it was Behind Tasty episode. PLEASE MAKE ONE

  24. Elliana Z. says:

    The guy himself looks like a dessert👍

  25. wut wut says:

    Is this a reuploaded

  26. Bi Ru Kai says:

    The content is not about "how to bake 8 desserts in 1 sheet pan with alvin." maybe it's "How alvin thought of 8 desserts in 1 sheet pan." and honestly, that still sucks.

  27. I would eat the s’mores one.. I love s’mores.. seriously

  28. Seen it many times but not yet made it

  29. changes name says:

    Uploaded same vid..just to get viewer and gain profit

  30. 1 year later, and FINALLY, we learn some things….
    But we still don’t have a behind the scenes since Alvin has (apparently) had a lot of trial and error. 😢

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