5 Recipes For Your Sweet And Savory Cravings

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46 Responses

  1. Looks like you put fruit in condoms.

  2. AntWorld says:

    The spring rolls idea is a bad one… use soy paper is a better option. People actually use soy paper for dessert. Rice paper tend to have a distinctive odor that won’t be enjoyable with fruit.

  3. Sun shine says:

    1 like = 1 ❄️ for the winter season this year


  4. Simaab Sajid says:

    The music reminds me of Tangled for some reason🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. i kinda cringe when she put rice paper into fruits brb

  6. medalla09 says:

    My sub goal by this cristmas is 100 subs

  7. Vad Dey says:

    10 foods using rice paper?

  8. Dira Teky says:

    Interesting and creative, I wonder how long it takes to make one recipe. Good work!

  9. Why does the music sound like it would be at the Renaissance Festival

  10. Anyone else kinda skeptical about some of these recipes? I’ve literally loved every recipe tasty has published I guess this is my first time lol

  11. GGBABE says:

    Never knew chocolate and pretzels had a combination!

  12. Rapts says:

    Take some original lays potato chips (ripples are best for this) and melt some chocolate then drizzle the chocolate over it if ur lazy and want a sweet savory snack

  13. Finn Katte says:

    Other recipes to enjoy: bacon cinnamon rolls, hawaiian pizza, chocolate covered pretzels or chips or almonds or peanuts, or a spicy mango slush.

  14. Honestly, sometimes I wish the videos were just silent instead of having the terrible music over them.

  15. Sean Lee says:

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  16. Myra Zvahl says:

    Another possible title for this video

    "5 ways to trick your child into eating something different."

  17. روعه انا مشتركه بقناتج

  18. ibi says:

    I always watch tasty but I never make it, who is with me?

  19. Kia J. says:

    Hi uhm excuse me raw mushrooms are disgusting 😂😭

  20. Vietnamese rice paper !!! It's called Bánh tráng !!!

  21. Uhm,what about tasty asmr cooking?

  22. Samuel R says:

    In spain we have "Melón con Jamón", wich is Melon with ham (not the one you eat in america but…)

  23. Ist hier auch ein deutscher dabei der das guckt

  24. Bean Boi says:

    Omgoodness I am making all of these right now! They look so yummy!
    Please please! Make more sweet and savory videos! They are so helpful!!
    Also music is bomb

  25. Comic Sans says:

    The third recipe I would like Fortnite and Markass Brownie

  26. 4:05 the sauce is called as 'rujak' in my country lol

  27. LaDolcevita says:

    Ummm fruit spring rolls does not look good! 😖

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  29. The music kept me seated…loved it…👌

  30. Salted or unsalted butter

  31. L Davis says:

    Imagine the disappointment of biting in to that “cinnamon roll” ☹️

  32. Who made the music for this vid?

  33. Today we have a high tea with salty en sweet things

  34. 3:04 Fill with your favorite veggies

    Me: None 😂 anyone relate?

  35. Michelle Le says:

    Fruits in rice paper😟😟😟thats like a disaster combo.

  36. honey says:

    ya'll are really doing too much……

  37. sarah rathan says:

    deport most illegals/no more new ones,only keep limited faction of the best=lower inflation/living cost=revitalize GNP=resurgence of video games/cartoons/innovations! we can bring back $2muni, $1menus

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