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  1. Joan Peters says:

    Nothing better than kids in the kitchen. The boys did a fabulous job along with their sous Chef Emberlynn. BRAVO!!!

  2. Thank you, it will be 46 years.

  3. Oh my goodness the steak looked bomb all the food looked good of course but dang when you send it would turn out like the picture I thought yeh right but it did that's so cool good job boys

  4. Zeal spunky says:

    Nice work chefs! Both dishes look good.

  5. My wife and I just got back from an early anniversary dinner as she works before and after the real thing.

  6. Ethan is finally coming out of his shell.

  7. Infinity says:

    U guys are underrated

  8. Phillips FamBam, can you do kids control the day and the parents can't say no for a day challenge

  9. Lee Wragg says:

    This will be an Awesome Cooking Video with Ethan & Elijah, will be nice to see the end meals. Bet they're nice as well

  10. Phillips FamBam, can you do kids take over the vlog day video

  11. Phillips FamBam, Can you do the boys vs girls twin telepathy blindfold taste test challenge

  12. Phillips FamBam, can you do a boys vs girls cook off

  13. Loyal fambammer Val here, this is exciting. Love y'all to pieces and everything looked great.

  14. Love this family !!!! Best wishes for 2019 to all your family xx

  15. James Yu says:

    i can't pick but i like both

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