3 Ways To Cook The Juiciest Chicken Breast Ever – Bobby’s Kitchen Basics

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  1. Wait where the black guy come from??? WTF lol

  2. Brian Reed says:

    just cooked this for my dinner , FAB no 1 style

  3. knot head says:

    3:10 the best "Crust / Sear" …. on chicken?? Ummm… How about no, Scott? Not cooking a steak.

    …and you're right, Boiling chicken should be considered a war crime.

  4. Joanna Janas says:

    i grew up with boiled chicken. its perfect for chicken salad, etc. when you don't want crust or browning. Plus that's how you get chicken stock! I've discovered a great 4TH way. I put in my crockpot, season, maybe throw in celery/carrots and it's pefect and moist! Great for adding to dishes.

  5. Jasmine W says:

    how about butterflying that extra thick chicken breast so it cooks more evenly….

  6. Sanket Sony says:

    One of the best and informative video I've ever watched for cooking a chicken breast!

  7. 6:23 Made me click the subscribe button (& bell), all that looked amazing! Thank you for the corrections and tips here, great video Bobby!

  8. I've been wanting to learn how to properly cook chicken and this is so informative and helpful. Thank You! So glad I found this channel!

  9. This maybe the most aggressive food video comment section I've seen so far. πŸ™

  10. what's wrong with msg?

  11. adamgm84 says:

    Can any of my friends here in the comment section tell me if this 155deg trick works for turkeys in the oven this way also? Should I pull my next turkey at 155deg? or even less? I gotta research this.

  12. andrew cowie says:

    DUDE! lol I have never been much of a cooker EVER! Meaning i'm a millennial that has survived on grub hub, take out, fast food, and garbage for most my life. Finally decided to begin adulting and make some food at home but what the hell to cook?! I DUNNO WHAT I'M DOING! lol

    Your video was AWESOME! Followed it literally to the letter and the chicken came out absolutely amazing!

    Thanks for all your help mang!

    Best Regards & Semper Fi!

  13. supasye says:

    Change ur channel name to captain bland please.

  14. biggn24 says:

    doesn't sous vide…. doesn't know shit

  15. SIREN27 says:

    I wonder what else is juicy

  16. this video should be called "white guy breast feeds a black guy"

  17. Texas 156 says:

    Sam the cooking guy is better

  18. Cru Jones says:

    Why are you not cutting the fat/veins off?

  19. Sahar Shawa says:

    Try poaching chicken with (carrot, onion, celery, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and bay leaves) this will produce a flavourful broth as well πŸ™‚

  20. What sort of Salt do you use?!

  21. Make chicken and black guys just appear

  22. noor takatka says:

    A little to much salt πŸ˜‚ I season tf out my food

  23. Max Sanchez says:

    I hate the smell of boiled chicken it smells like a fucking decomposing rigo mortis body also a lodge grill skillet is the best for chicken

  24. 53bustos says:

    So fry chicken and a black guy just appears? That's racist

  25. I see you use a portable electric countertop cooker why do you use instead of stove to boil your meats and what brand cooker is that thanks love your cooking

  26. 19thHour says:

    Clicked for the Chicken. Stayed for the meal prep. Great videos.

  27. I hate poached chicken. I only use it to make flautas and chicken salad

  28. SPANKYGEE63 says:

    Brandon is the whitest token black guy I've seen for a while

  29. Spot on πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  30. Rigo Melara says:

    You legit got me as a new sub!

  31. kevin hudson says:

    No one has 20 minutes to wait unless your making a how to video πŸ₯΄

  32. Boiled chicken is a common Hispanic thing and is actually delicious with different soups and salsas for like enchiladas so idk why everyone’s complaining lol

  33. E Man says:

    Easiest way 395 degrees oven, 45 minutes, let stand 5 minutes

  34. Revel Lights says:

    I may have missed it, but why did you not provide the oven temperature for the oven-cooked chicken?

  35. Sleepy Time says:

    I saw this on a meme page

  36. Now I know how to perfectly cook moist chicken every time Loved this!

  37. Judit Ruiz says:

    Where have you been all my life!

  38. What kind of electric stovetop is this?

  39. I accidentally came here a discovered the meme lol

  40. Kevonstage brought me here, that seasoned chicken made me stay and subscribe.

  41. Chicky0708 says:

    I’m here because of KevOnStage. Lol

  42. YamiKazeSora says:

    I FOUND IT! YAAASSS! I like how the Black dude just comes in eats the chicken, says its good, then dips! XD.

  43. artman33167 says:

    i tried this tonight, that is, the pan method…. WHAT a difference!!! i actually can cook a decent tasting piece of chicken for the first time in my life!!! thank you!!!! oh, i'm 52 so yeah pretty pathetic haha

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