5 LIFE CHANGING Recipes – easy / plant based / healthy / quick / cheap

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  1. TheMrHeeros says:

    Could you do a video about ethical sport clothes?

  2. Does anyone elses bananas get weirdly bitter after blending? This is my issue with smoothies 🙁

  3. ha!loved that Rhi-Rhi bit <3 can't wait to try the cookie dough!

  4. Ewa Szulc says:

    I love your editing😍

  5. really enjoyed this one!thanks for the recipes Kristen. Love your content!

  6. What's the deal with the Illuminati symbols?

  7. Your hair is amazing mine is so thin 😪

  8. farida says:


  9. farida says:

    i love you so much 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😍

  10. But can I actually make cookies from that cookie dough?

  11. Linda Vilela says:


  12. YAASSS! My all time favorite brownies are chickpea brownies 😍 love using chickpeas in kinda weird ways!

  13. Ananas LOL says:

    this is really great<3 love you so much<3<3<3

  14. Raw Reiki says:

    Δοκίμασε να φτιάξεις πιτσάκια με τα μικρά πιτάκια, αντί για σως να τρίψεις φρέσκια ντομάτα αλλά να την έχεις στραγγίξει και από πάνω μόνο κρεμμύδι, πιπεριά, μανιτάρια, αλάτι, πιπέρι ρίγανη κ λίγο λάδι. Ακούγεται απλό (και είναι) αλλά στην προετοιμασία, όχι στη γεύση.

  15. Love this 💚 and U look stunning 😻😻😻😻😻😻💚💚💚💚💚🌹💓

  16. captain_jojo says:

    Omgg from the first minute of ur video I was like “she looks so Greek” and then at 3:58 I see the peanut butter label. I lived abroad for so long I can tell greeks from 10 miles away😂

  17. Can you bake the cookie dough?

  18. Can you bake the vegan cookie dough for vegan cookies???

  19. Congratulations on a successful cooking video, Kristen!

  20. I love how simple these recipes are! I'm the same as you I'm not great in the kitchen Ahhh!

  21. Katja U says:

    Maple syrup isn't exactly healthy though. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

  22. Jits Fingers says:

    I came into this video not expecting much of it, but this is actually life-changing???!

  23. Jits Fingers says:

    I came into this video not expecting much of it, but this is actually life-changing???!

  24. lana says:

    Hey Kristen! Id be so interested about a video how you started social media/ instagram etc. 🙂 your advice is appreciated! Xx

  25. That plant milk will I definently try, and maybe the cookie dough 🙂

  26. hey kristen, soooo I'm trying to be vegan a year now, I'm vegetarian since 5 years, but it's really hard for me to get all the nutrients in an everydaylife… I struggle a lot with that! I would love if you could make maybe another video on that topic, some easy tips to get all the nutrients in an easy way without having to look it up everyday! maybe you could include some links to youtube videos or books or something that helped you 🙂 thanks alot for your beautiful channel that helped me to quit fast fashion and opened my eyes to a lot of important things! 🙂

  27. Blanca silva says:

    YEEES I'm trying to go vegan this year and needed some easy vegan/vegetarian recipes to start, you are my salvation!!

  28. Dana M says:

    How did you get your hair to look so beautiful!? 😍

  29. Mya Moore says:

    I'm such a picky eater though!! I also get scared to try new things because I don't want to waste my money and the food if I don't like it!!

  30. gyo is says:

    im living for that plant mylk AHH!! wish i knew about it before, thank you sooo much for sharing <3

  31. Mjayy95 says:

    Love your videos! I starting a zero waste/minimalism lifestyle and you have been such an inspiration! Keep being amazing!! 😇💖

  32. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! 😍 and wow that cookie dough recipe is bomb

  33. Loved these recipes! Just as an Italian barbecue sauce on pizza is kind of a blasphemy to me… But I understand that in other country its completely normal 🙂

  34. Giiirl! I was just watching ''God is a Woman'' music video by Ariana Grande and all I could think of was ''wow, she looks so much like Kristen!'' :O 😀 you two are freaking vegan goddesses, omgg!! <3 Also thank you for the recipes I'm currently soaking some chickpeas thanks to you, haha! NEED TO TRY THEM ALL!!

  35. 3:35 ΠΕΘΑΝΑ 😂😂😂

  36. Perła says:

    Your hair is soo gorgeous. 😍

  37. I HAVE to try that cookie dough!!!!!
    Also cool idea with the plant milk I'will definitely try that one!

  38. Halle Lazz says:

    I love banana nice cream 💕💕💕

  39. OhMehli says:


  40. will be trying out soon! glad you considered that not everyone has unlimited time or resources!

  41. Minnie says:

    I really need to get myself a blender

  42. Freeminds says:

    Oooh, really want to try cookie dough. Does it matter which chickpeas you use (cooked at home vs canned)?

  43. Sam Salomon says:

    I've made the banana ice cream n it was BOMB. Better than store bought vegan ice cream!! I'm so excited to try the rest of these recipes!

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