6 Healthy Meal Recipes for the New Year • Tasty

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42 Responses

  1. keystring says:

    Gee, I have been looking for how to fix my speaker when there is no sound on a certain vdo.

  2. I cleaned out my tablet speaker because I thought my sound was broken.
    I t w a s j u s T t h e f r i C K n vi d e o.

  3. Dertex says:

    99 percent of comments am I going deaf?
    1 percent unoriginal comments like mine

  4. yay no useless noise and tasty healthy food.

  5. riyas ki says:

    I thought my mobile phone's speaker stopped working. I pauced in the middle of the video to play a song to check whether it was okay.
    Tasty! Be a sweety! Play a beaty!

  6. C R says:

    Ummm a tasty vid with no music?

  7. No Sound. Rewinded it To get a Pen and Papper for a Reciept and Now I have No Video. WTH is going on With this Video. Come on I wanted to taste What Tastey is Tasting. Dang it!

  8. Jaz Hong says:

    Omg thank god they got rid of those terrible lofi beats…. so annoying.

  9. Am I the only that checked her headphones?! 😂

  10. janone says:

    I literally can't watch this without music

  11. Honey were is my music gone?

  12. I think the editor screwed up on this one

  13. Osvaldo Diaz says:

    It feels depressing without music

  14. Anber says:

    Is ther no sound or is it my phone? Scrolling the comments i see its not my phone 😁

  15. I want to see this video so bad but will pass just because it has no music.

  16. Tipo Momin says:

    Please like and subscribe this channel and page
    Maano is cooking

  17. Lunna Wonka says:

    La crema de coco de la primera receta era endulzada?

  18. Please give me some feedback I just started a cooking channel.

  19. HASEULS says:

    Only intellectuals can hear the music ^

  20. Ahhhhhh
    There the noice helps

  21. I'm sorry Tasty, but I just can't watch this without music. It's not the same! Lol

  22. C says:

    i thought my airpods were broken. lmfao

  23. Default says:

    Damn… Think my headphones stopped working =(

  24. Jason Jones says:

    Guess I need to turn my Belltone up. Cant seem to hear anything.

  25. Pai says:

    No music so I’m not going to watch. Sorry Tasty

  26. "Why is there music?"
    "Great video but could do without the music."
    "The music is so annoying."


  27. How many times will the cucumber tomato and avocado salad recipe be reused

  28. Perfect for my New Year Goals!

  29. HEYitsNaii _ says:

    I thought my headphone were broken, until I looked at the comments!


  30. z z says:

    I thought my phone was error

  31. Bee Mari says:

    Ignore the fact that there is no music and enjoy watching how to make these deliciousness healthy foods! Geez🙄

  32. Would love to see a healthy recipe without so much oils 🙏🙏

  33. Um, you forgot the music! Don't tell me it's not just the government…

  34. Samuel Hwang says:

    Where's the background music?

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