Cooking Eggplant in Olive Oil in the Skillet : Healthy & Delicious Food

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  1. And still that stupid slice lays on top of the knife .

  2. K L says:

    Thank you for us people who have never cooked eggplant in their lives.

  3. Can i tell u a secret to bringing out all the flavor in the eggplant and removing any bitterness? I learned this from my aunt Helen who learned it from her Hungarian mother in law. After slicing the eggplant salt and layer it on a flat plate then using another plate place on top of eggplant and put something with weight on top, i use a bowl or pot and fill it with water or stack book on top. Anything to PRESS the eggplant. Press the eggplant, Let It set over night for the best results. Draining off any liquid from time to time (there will be) Then prepare as u usually do. I guarantee you will have the best tasting eggplant ever! Ever! Absolutely delicious 💪

  4. You mentioned a trick. What is the trick? And seems you removed the seasoning when dabbing the eggplant with the paper towel dowsed with the oil.

  5. the eggplant has to sit with salt for 20 min to sweat out the bitter out

  6. also if you have to saw that knife, shouldent you smear it a few times across a whetstone?

  7. i like pink Himalayan salt

  8. Frank Certo says:

    I wish she was obese

  9. You shouldn't cook with olive oil it's not healthy. It has a very low heat index… olive oil is really good for you but once it heats up too high and turns toxic. p. Perhaps try avocado oil.

  10. You didn't say why you don't want the oil to heat up along with the pan. What is the purpose of that? If I don't know the "why" of something, I don't do it. So I will do as I always do; I will not wait to put the oil in the pan.

  11. Cool Beans says:

    I just tried it freaking yummy thank you.

  12. Thank you so much!!! Easy and very tasty.

  13. super Monkey says:

    תספר משהו שאף אחד לא יודע עלייך

  14. Greg Bungard says:

    Just awesome, thanks for some really great tips as I never had much sucess with egg plant.
    I am sure I will now.

  15. Delicious, simply, quick and easy.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I am trying it now. Instead of flax seed, I use raw Malt O Meal or Cream of Wheat because flax seed mocks hormone and that plays havoc with my body. It's really great instead of bread crumbs and it makes things really crunchy. But it's not gluten free.

  17. ed antukomik says:

    The time on the clock is 4.39pm

  18. X Caliber says:

    You are a pretty chef.

  19. Everything about her cutting technique is wrong; but I'm sure she's decent at cooking overall

  20. Every time I cut an eggplant it goes brown. I have tried salting it and it doesn't prevent the discolouration. Is this a sign that the eggplant is not edible? I hear a good way to prepare eggplant is to salt it and let it sit for half an hour before cooking. I did this and the eggplant went rotten.

  21. U killed that eggplants

  22. Lovely simple healthy! Hells yeah

  23. Gerald Gunia says:

    Olive oil is not healthy for humans

  24. somedude says:

    fats are not the enemy. simple carbs are what you should avoid (avoid potaotes, bread, rice, and anything with sugar)

  25. Jason Long says:

    These suburban housewives are among the worst cooks in the world…give me a Lebanese woman with thick forearms and I'll give you the world's best cooks

  26. That look so unappetizing just dropping bread crumbs on it without cooking it

  27. Chef Maria you rock.!..I am saving it in my favourite…

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