Quick-Roasted Veggie Bowl Recipe • Tasty

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23 Responses

  1. jennpenn5 says:

    Quick roast…what they don't tell you is that there are 5+ roasting sessions to get through it.

  2. dragon mandy says:

    So waste of time. For a single bowl of veggies?

  3. People, quick is relative. It´s normal that it Takes longer to do a vegetable roast than frying an egg…

    Also – if you worry about the olive oil in this video – you should not go and eat out😅

  4. The idea that someone isn't scraping out that cup of tahini with a spatula INFURIATES ME. Like, how dare you waste those extra tablespoon of tahini, you privileged punks

  5. lynnkoi says:

    I'm so triggered by the two chickpeas she didn't season

  6. Jane Yums says:

    That’s so much oil. Good thing you didn’t call it a healthy veggie bowl lol

  7. “Caution, tray will be HOT” ….

    …….Picks up tray with hands 2 seconds later

  8. Muslimah says:

    What is faro and where can I get it from? I've never heard of it before.

  9. Savy Hendrix says:

    RIP my sodium levels

  10. Anannya Paul says:

    Probably 1litre of olive oil was used..

  11. Atul Kotian says:

    Roses are red
    Rice is covered in bran
    If the baking temperature was same
    Why didn't they use one pan? 😑🤔

  12. Naima Irfan says:

    This looks appetizing. Mouth watering.

  13. No11Scalpel says:

    You don't dilute Tahini with water .Quite an insult to every Middle eastern mother that is … Yogurt is your friend

  14. Valerie Paul says:

    Looks good minus tofu

  15. There was just a Tahini recall. Check the FDA website before buying or eating tahini.

  16. Jevin Wilson says:

    What sauce can we use if we can’t get tahini

  17. Do you not know what a mixing bowl is? And I love how a 50 step recipe of things that need to be cooked at different times is called "quick". This is literally one of the most complicated recipes I've seen in a while. Total fail.

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