5 Low-Carb Meal Recipes To Start Off Your Year Right • Tasty

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  1. Root veggies= carbs..?
    Tortilla= carbs..?

  2. Stefano _ says:

    Hey at parmigiana with eggplants in italy we put mozzarella and parmesan not ricotta!

  3. Are these meals supposed to be just "low carb" or did they also aim for "low calorie meals"? I hope they did not, if so, adding sauce to meal insted of "real things to keep you full" is very stupid and doesn't make it low calorie.

  4. Ashlee Bee says:

    A low carb recipe video with recipes that have tons of carbs. The Tasty Guarantee™ 👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Thnx tiny "i"
    Now i cant read more as 50% of all the steps that are on top….

  6. Sweet potato and brown sugar is NOT low carb.

  7. a r r o w says:

    Don’t click

    Great. Now youre cursed forever. Hurry, click the like button to undo your curse!😨😨

  8. Kongou says:

    >low carb
    >potatoes and tortilla

    lol what

  9. How the hell did potatoes and flour tortillas get to be low carb?!!!

  10. I do not appreciate the sudden font change

  11. mary newsom says:

    I think y’all made a mistake in editing. The breakfast burrito portion of the video is the exact same footage as the burrito portion of the meal prep video. Since the breakfast burrito recipe isn’t particularly low-carb, I think this was done in error. Great video otherwise, and all of the recipes look delicious 🙂

  12. How are potatoes & tortillas low carb..

  13. Notice how no one cares about names like zucchini ravioli, eggplant lasagna etc but everyone throws hissy fit about vegan sausages because they’re “not real sausages”

  14. Melissa M says:

    Looks great…. but im lactose 🙁

  15. E Argoff says:

    “Low carb!” stuffs tortilla with potatoes fried food and cheese

  16. Start off right? I ate a tub of ben&jerry’s and a box of chips yesterday…

  17. Milhouse says:

    How on earth is pita bread low carb?!

  18. fartt. says:

    Now make high-carb recipes for when I give up and let go again.

  19. My fav dessert is Graham cake

  20. Sanju Vanka says:


  21. jennpenn5 says:

    The second one, the omelet thing, looks horrid and there is no reason not to make a fluffy, regular omelet. That would also be low carb.

  22. You guys really like your cheese huh?

  23. Why am I watching THIS I should be studying

  24. Do you know what low-carb means?
    And also…why low-carb meals should start my year "right". I am pretty much OK with my carbs.

  25. lunameowl says:

    I don't even cook stuff

  26. Torrey Jones says:

    okay, some of those look really tasty, but in all of them, all of your calories are still coming from carbs. The buritos could have a lot of meat in them, making them actually low carb, but certainly not the way you pictured them. I mean, seriously? Potatoes as low carb? They are not only NOT low carb, they're probably the worst kind of carb, starchy carbs.

  27. hinz Cooking says:

    Great Recipe my friend.. 😍😍😍😍

  28. Who said carbs are bad?

  29. What would Tasty do without tomatoes and cheese?

  30. Your videos are steal by yummy cake lover channel

  31. tinyshiny107 says:

    I need one of those lemon squeezing thingos…

  32. SUPERBLOCK says:

    low carb but high in calories!

  33. Dez Viper says:

    Dude, all these people with their fad diets saying that you ABSOLUTELY have to eat low carbs to lose weight bullshit…What you really need is a balanced diet, you need to be in a hypocaloric state (burn more calories than you eat) to lose weight. For example, I eat 2000 calories a day, and I burn more than that if I count the workouts, the usual energy your body spends to breathe, eat and all that stuff. Trust me, go check out these lean athletic people like Athlean-X, Fraser Wilson and you will see that diets such as Keto are not what you're supposed to do. Besides, who here is going to do Keto for the rest of their lives? Because if you aren't, then again, what you need to have is a lifestyle change, not just a temporary bullshit diet. Have I lost fat thanks to what I wrote? Yes. Did I gain muscle mass? Most defenitely.

    You can do whatever you want, you don't have to listen to me but please, just make the right lifestyle changes for yourself

  34. Avgk Karthik says:

    How many of you don't even have access to those varieties of vegetables ?

  35. Yeah wait why a breakfast burrito with potatoes? Like I’m actually sure you put the wrong clip in this segment I was truly scratching my head watching that what the hell you guys

  36. Please actually do your research before claiming your recipes are low carb.

  37. Low carb with Potatoe-Tortilla? How? 🤔

  38. Cheese, solves all your problems

  39. Sochy _ says:

    Lol I love how people still think carbs are bad.

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