Broccoli with Chicken Recipe | How to Make Perfect Healthy Chicken With Broccoli | Grandpa Kitchen

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47 Responses

  1. God bless these people always giving all this beautiful children delicious food to eat. 😍😍😍

  2. sachin ram says:

    9.37 Is Awesome
    Hat'sof to u Grandpa…

  3. moses p says:

    Grandpa i Love your videos i wish more ppl will be helping like u

  4. coldogno7 says:


  5. The fact that PEOPLE dislike these videos makes me wanna beat them up.

  6. God bless Grandpa 🙏🏻😊

  7. Tabster says:

    Please do a NAAN video Grandpa PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tabster says:

    Broccoli is nice, but a Naan video would be even greater!!!

  9. Grandpa kitchen. The kind of channel that dosen't bother me when I see lots of ads.

  10. I have been watching this channel for a very long time, I’ve been around sense you had 84,000 subscribers, I loved watching it when you just recorded hm cutting everything and cooking it. And you have been making your videos from many different angles and odd clips. Can you please make a video with the old style you use to record and make a really big batch of food that you help give away to people?

  11. Surajit Das says:

    This is the only channel of youtube with zero toxicity.

  12. Lilkeer says:

    Hmmmmmm.., grandpa can I have some plsss

  13. Grandpa never fails to make me smile 😀

  14. wE gO uP says:


    I shed tears, he’s just so kind and loving I-

    Grandpa stop cutting onions please 😪

  15. Ayush aswal says:

    Everybody is praising granpa but the real heroes are behind the scenes who are helping grandpa in all ways

  16. I love this man so much. He is an amazing grandpa. He deserves the best.

  17. Cook' omania says:

    Respect you Grandpa..

  18. the day this man dies, the world is gonna get a shade darker

  19. I always look forward to Grandpa saying the recipe is “super” at the end of the cooking ❤️

  20. Aryan Thakur says:

    I love the way he pronounces English words:-):-):-)^_^

  21. Convair says:

    How’s this guy so good at cooking so well when he isn’t able to work in a proper environment?

    I can barely pour milk into my bowl to make cereal

  22. Mrs. Penguin says:

    Love u
    Love u gr
    Love u grand
    Love u grandpa s
    Love u grandpa so m
    Love u grandpa so much

  23. Mi respeto para este señor Dios le tiene algo mucho mejor ❤

  24. Slime says:

    Damn I just realized the kids can never eat it while its hot cause they will burn their hands get them sone utensils

  25. Slime says:

    Whenever I see him laugh in the intro I die laughing

  26. grandpa you are very great

  27. You are a man of true goodness. I wish nothing but the best for you. We need more people like you on this planet.

  28. J Wavy says:

    This is cool asf but I’m kinda tired of this shit popping up in my recommendations

  29. Joy Davis says:

    Good night Grandpa this is Joy how are you doing and feeling tonight I am watching you now Joy

  30. Ashe says:

    Are they’re smaller versions of these recipes??….

  31. For those of you who dislike, you guys don’t fully understand loves and caring means. One like this comment = people who dislike, they’re an idiot

  32. Fatima H says:

    What even is the thumbnail 😅 so confusing

  33. Alguien se a preguntado de que pasará cuando se muera el señor 🤔?

  34. niños manos sucias no coman asi plis se enfermam ayuda a ese pais regalando un like un
    Like 1 niño salvas dislaik muere un niño

  35. Pink Lasagna says:

    The people who disliked this video is jealous of Grandpa’s amazing skill.

  36. This looks delicious 😋

  37. Nice cook grandpa yummy & tasty food please support to my channel,thanks for sharing this video.

  38. Greeny says:

    Does he feed the same people every video?

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